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Active Youth

Active Youth is a Lithuania-based for-purpose organisation that unites young leaders, thinkers and doers, those who seek change and those who make change. Our goal is to create social, cultural and educational impact for groups and communities in need.

We do it through organising and getting involved in youth mobility/training; as well as improving infrastructure and opportunities around us.

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We are featured in:
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Youth Projects

We organise and take part in youth trainings and mobilities in Europe & beyond.

Refugee Integration

We are hosting cultural, educational and sports events for refugee integration across Lithuania.


We believe everyone has world-changing ideas. Thus, we foster start-up education internationally.

Fighting for Equality

We want everyone to enjoy equal rights & opportunities. Regardless of their sex, age, race or religion.


Projects implemented

We have a DOPE* mindset for every activity, action, initiative or event we are involved in. *That means we are Dedicated (giving our 100% and then more), Open (working with- and for the public), Positive (looking for opportunities, not problems) and Enthusiastic (striving to improve our surroundings).

Recent Active Youth Projects

The project intends to raise awareness, understanding, and introspection amongst youth about privilege and social inequality.
The main aim of the training course is to strengthen the competencies of youth workers in finding adequate approaches to fostering the inclusion and empowerment of young drug addicts. (help during a coronavirus) is a platform for everyone who wants to provide or receive help during a pandemic.
The project seeks to create a special programme in which youth workers would include seniors in their work with youth (or youth would join the activities in the seniors’ centres).
Save The Ocean Project aims to take a small step towards better habits & cleaner ocean.
The main goal of the project is to train, mentor & make sure young migrants have a chance to implement their business ideas.
Svari Advokato Mantija
The project aimed to contribute to reducing the prevalence of corruption in the judiciary and law enforcement agencies. Within the framework of the project, work work was done with lawyers & legal assistants.
The project aims to grow future social entrepreneurs who could tackle various social problems within their local settings, as well as on a wider scale.
The project aim is to create contact between different social groups to foster social inclusion, make young people understand how minority discrimination works and how to counteract this.
Project "Wear(e)able" supports the wave of commitment by young people and focuses on environmental protection with the issue of sustainable clothing, which has so far received too little attention. We say "YES WE AR (E) ABLE" - to be best dressed sustainably! To be WEARABLE for the environment and still be well dressed - yes it works.

Active Youth Team

Our youth workers, trainers & irreplacable staff

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