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Active Youth

Active Youth is a Lithuania-based for-purpose organisation that unites young leaders, thinkers and doers, those who seek change and those who make change. Our goal is to create social, cultural and educational impact for groups and communities in need.

We do it through organising and getting involved in youth mobility/training; as well as improving infrastructure and opportunities around us.

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Youth Projects

We organise and take part in youth trainings and mobilities in Europe & beyond.

Refugee Integration

We are hosting cultural, educational and sports events for refugee integration across Lithuania.


We believe everyone has world-changing ideas. Thus, we foster start-up education internationally.

Fighting for Equality

We want everyone to enjoy equal rights & opportunities. Regardless of their sex, age, race or religion.

Recent Active Youth Projects

This project enhances digital skills development and competencies of young people, reinforcing creativity and creative solutions to unemployment rates provoked by COVID-19.
To help people flocking from war zones, project aims to create a special programme where youth workers would include refugees and immigrants in their work with youth.
This project aims to develop a bespoke entrepreneurship curriculum that uses different challenge-based methodologies to achieve the learning outcomes described in EntreComp.
Young people play a crucial role in positively transforming conflict situations and in building the foundations of democratic and peaceful societies.
The aim of this project is to overcome the stigma by giving a voice to the marginalised people, creating the opportunity & platform for the local disadvantaged or stigmatized groups.
Youth Employment Promotion in the cross-border region by enhancing their professional work skills.
Sport Without Boundaries
We believe that collaboration of the young people from relevant organizations with the common interests, can break these stereotypes, empower minority groups to improve self-esteem and integrate into local communities thorough sport.
Social A.C.T.
"Social A.C.T. - Active Cycling Team” has the vocation to promote cycling and motivate to practice physical activity as an integral part of everyday life.
urban sports culture
Project aims to foster youth inclusion in urban environments in Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden using urban sport and culture as a vehicle and instrument.

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