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NGO courses to get funding
Learn Grant Writing and Get Project Funding

This course is going to teach you the key points when writing grant / project applications. You will understand how to: 1) make your writing style appropriate and understandable for the evaluators; 2) how to structure your project application answers; and much more. After this course you will be able to successfully write a grant application on your own.

Learn Grant Writing & Get Project Funding rating

How to start NGO course
How to Kickstart Your NGO

The course will teach you how to successfully (kick)start your NGO. This includes: 1) branding for NGOs; 2) must-have digital tools; 3) having powerful mission & vision; 4) building up your network; 5) fundraising; 6) staying visible and much more. The graduates of the course will be able to successfully launch / take their NGOs to a next level.

How to Kickstart Your NGO rating

Project planning online course cover
Online course: How to Plan a Project Proposal from A to Z

The course is for those who want their project proposals approved and funded by e.g., grant agencies. You could be a leader of an NGO, an aspiring entrepreneur, a representative of a public institution, or someone coming from academia.

Get More Efficient in MS Word and Excel

This video tutorial will teach you some of the most helpful tips and tricks to improve your efficiency on MS Word and Excel. By applying our easy and useful hacks, you will become quicker, more precise, and efficient in your daily tasks and project writing process!

Blogging In 2021: Why & How

A two-part online workshop for those who are curious about blogging. If you have stories to share: small stories, big stories, meaningful stories – don’t be hesitant to start blogging. So, how do you really do it? What are the right keywords? When to use sub-parts?

Email Marketing Automations that Drives User Engagement (for NGOs)

In this workshop, you will learn how to build winning email automations, maintain a healthy subscriber list and deliver emails directly to the email inbox.

Google Ads for NGOs

We bet you see Google ads daily. But have you ever tried to advertise on Google? It’s simple when you know the tricks. This workshop will reveal them to you.

How to make Press Releases (in 🇱🇹)

Press Releases could be intimidating sometimes. NGOs still need to write them. In this workshop, we will learn more about readers’ psychology, what attracts them in the text and how to compose your text from the first paragraph so that it makes readers want to continue reading it. Language: 🇱🇹

How to Use CANVA Like a Pro

Visuals are always needed for NGOs. In this workshop, you will learn how to use Canva for creating and editing graphics. Theory of color in design. Sources of good typography.

community seniors involved international
Involvement of Seniors

Implementing age-friendly actions across multiple sectors and levels can improve the functional abilities of older citizens, including the “abilities” to meet basic needs; to participate; to continue to learn, grow and make decisions; to build and maintain relationships, and to contribute to society.

How to send a perfect cold email 🥶

This workshop is about cold emails (i.e., emails to recipients, who don’t know you). We talk about how to boost open & click (reply) rates for such emails.

Google Sheets Workshop

The workshop consists of two parts: 1) useful knowledge about Google Sheets or Excel; 2) tips and tricks.

project writing in a team
Learn How to Run Online Meetings

This video tutorial will teach you how to successfully deliver online meetings and make it effective. This includes: 1) tips and tricks; 2) helpful creative digital tools; 3) challenges and benefits of online meetings… and much more! Watching this video tutorial, you will significantly improve your online meetings and make the digital experience better for all your co-workers.

Renginių tvarumas ir dalyvavimas internetu
🇱🇹 Lengas požiūris į IRT mokymų užsiėmimus ir jų valdymas

Kurse pateikiamos gairės instruktoriams, ketinantiems organizuoti ir vesti lengvai suprantamus mokymus IRT tema žmonėms, kurių raštingumo lygis yra žemas (žmonėms su mokymosi negalia, pagyvenusiems žmonėms, migrantams ir t. t.).

E.mokymosi kursas sudarytas remiantis lengvai skaitomu ir suprantamu naudotojo vadovu apie IRT pagrindus „Kompiuterio ir IRT naudojimosi pradmenys“ (vadovą galima laisvai atsisiųsti iš 1 modulio priedų).

Kurso dalyviai išmoks, kaip rengti aukštos kokybės prieinamas dirbtuves įvairiomis IRT temomis, įskaitant tiek įvadines dirbtuves (pvz., kaip įjungti ir išjungti kompiuterį, kaip naudotis kompiuterio pele ir klaviatūra) ir tiek labiau pažangesnes (kaip redaguoti vaizdo įrašą ir parašyti gyvenimo aprašymą internetu), taikant lengvai suprantamus metodus.

Kursas sudarytas iš 4 modulių, kiekvienas iš jų susideda iš pamokų ir klausimyno, kuris padės įtvirtinti žinias.

Sports as an Equal Playground

A collection of good practices and tools to foster social
inclusion and equality in and through youth sport activities

What is ChemSex?

Chemicals and sex make up one term – chemsex. This is defined as the habit of consuming certain substances immediately before or during sexual activity in order to facilitate, prolong and/or enhance sexual experience. Why do people do this and how does it harm them? Learn in this webinar.

video production online course
Video Production for Beginners: From A to Z

Learn the steps involved in creating high-quality videos, from pre-production to post-production.

ChatGPT project writing
Application Success: Master Project Writing with ChatGPT

Learn powerful grant and project writing techniques and unleash the full potential of ChatGPT for winning grants.

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I think I found out in the courses what I somehow already know. But what changed completely is my confidence that has grown while watching. When I completed the course, I ended up thinking that there is no limit to what I can achieve.

Carolina Bacarrezz 🇨🇱

I had a bit of a tough year last year. And totally different year this year, as I finally understood how to get funding for my ideas. And my dream to make a change came true.

Uğur Keskin 🇹🇷

It might be an entire change for the work you do. The youth work might be challenging but with the experience that I gained while using Be Smart, I started enjoying my work.

Raul Labadze 🇬🇪

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