Disclaimer: you will be making impact, learning & having fun at work. That is potentially addictive.

Is it you?

Forever young

We are shamelessly energetic & full of (world changing) ideas. You too? Great, our team is where you can finally feel at home and pursue your purpose.

Truly not monotonic

We understand that working in one place might feel a bit tedious. Thus, AY will give you everything: work at the desk, in the field, as well as expeditions abroad.

Striving to be better

For us willingness to learn & implement your ideas beats any hard skill. Because we are here to become better and, more importantly, make it better.

Globally minded

We are recognized internationally because of the hard work and talent of our team. This allows us to build partnerships & take on projects worldwide.

🦄 Empowerment, not discrimination: it doesn’t matter what’s your educational background, criminal record, skin colour, tattoos, religion, orientation and other features, which are a part of your personal story. We hire solely based on your willingness to learn, share and make an impact. ⛔ No Russia’s terrorism supporters.

We’re Award Winning

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If you’re still not sure…
Office or Home

We’re in a hip part of Vilnius; yet, you can work from anywhere (e.g. our Istanbul office)

🏝️ Fact: only 1 mandatory office day/month
Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays are special. That’s why they’re off for Active Youth. Enjoy!

☀️ Fact: 6 summer Fridays off in 2023
See the World

Get priority to take part in our exchanges, trainings & far-away expeditions.

✈️ Fact: (on avg.) we spend 2 weeks on missions abroad
Salary Boosts

Your hard work pays off – literally! We offer salary increases twice a year.

📈 Fact: salaries grew ±17% in 2022/23
Are you ready?

How to join:

ℹ️ We don’t need your CV (and, we will not read it). There is far more important stuff in life.

🥇 Fact: 60% of our interns became employees in 2020-2021

  • ⚠️ Note: we will only accept Erasmus+ interns who come for 5 months or longer. Impact needs time.

    This opportunity is open for students registered in a higher education institution holding an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education. Your internship at AY Institute (formerly: Active Youth) can last from a minimum of 5 months to a maximum of 12 months. More information about Erasmus+ internship – Here.

    Speaking English is a must, however. Another requirement is to go through the following:

    1. Fill in the very quick form (button below)
    2. In a few days – get & complete the candidate’s assessment
    3. Go through Zoom interview

    🎬 Do you make videos / do graphic design / build webs (WordPress) or apps / write articles? Then this would be a great place to grow in your field.

    👆 Hit the button above

  • ⚠️ Minimali praktikos trukmė: 3 mėnesiai

    Galimybės prisijungti į šias komandas:
    • komunikacijos 🔊
    • projektų rašymo 🖋️
    • web design 👩‍💻
    • projektų valdymo (skiriasi pagal temas)
    • klimato (tvariau.lt) 🌍
    • finansų 💰
    • lėšų pritraukimo 💸
    • žmogiškųjų išteklių 🍕
    • European Integration Group Istanbul (apmokama Erasmus+ praktika Stambule) 🇹🇷
    Praktikantų įdarbinome
    Aplikavimo procesas:
    1. užpildyk labai greitą formą (mygtukas žemiau)
    2. po keletos dienų – gausi ir turėsi atlikti užduotį
    3. gyvas arba virtualus interviu.
    4. susisieksime su tavimi su galutiniu atsakymu. Atkreipiame dėmesį, jog jei neaplikuoji tiesiogiai į tam tikrą atvirą poziciją, gali būti, jog neturėsime galimybių įdarbinimui. Iškart tave informuosime ir išsisaugosime CV, kad galėtume susisiekti ateityje.

    👆 Hit the button above

  • Available positions: 

    Legal right to stay & work in Lithuania is a must.

Should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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