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Justė Mykolaitytė

March – June ’20

Hello hello! My name is Juste and I’m a third-year student of International Communication at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Groningen.

When I had to look for an internship, I was sure that it has to be an NGO or non-profit organization since I was volunteering in several organizations before.  But I wasn’t sure about the location. I had the best time in the Netherlands, loved culture there and was surrounded by genuine people all the time. But at the same time, I forgot what it feels like to live in my home country for longer than 2 weeks per year. Shortly, I started to look for an internship in Vilnius, Lithuania. Just a week before the internship deadline I received a call for an interview with the DOPE organization – Active Youth Association. Exciting news!

I didn’t have any expectations before my internship, but I learned so much from all the team. I was able to use theoretical and practical skills while working in the communication department, created several websites, wrote a project about gender equality, had a chance to observe my colleagues how they were working in the field of project management.

I’m more than grateful for all the team at Active Youth, was surrounded by so many beautiful people! Just because of them I grew up professionally and personally. Thank you, guys! 💜

Hi there! I’m Chris, from Jordan. I am a graduate student at the Institute of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. My internship at Active Youth was a rewarding experience and I really didn’t know what was waiting for me. I learned a lot about the preparation and implementation of Erasmus+ projects and was able to bolster my skills in organisation and project management. I enjoyed our weekly team meetings, workshops and brainstorming for projects. The team was D.O.P.E.! And if you don’t know what D.O.P.E. stands for in AY dictionary, no worries. Sometimes full-time staffers forget it too. It stands for.. Mhm.. wait, I got this! Go google ‘DOPE Active Youth Association’ and figure it out yourself 😀

The internship was a beautiful journey and I am always going to associate myself with the amazing work AY is doing. Cheers!

Christopher Ghaiath Almajdoub

January – June ’20

Adriana Lavrukaitytė

January – March ’20

I knew about Active Youth for a while (several years) but only admired their work from the distance. Then one day I decided to give it a try and apply for an internship there, and look at me, I succeeded!
The team welcomed and treated me like just another member of their family and made me feel like that’s where I belong throughout the whole internship. I worked in different fields (regarding migrants, (ex-)offenders, social media, civil society, sports, web creation, project dissemination, etc.). I had a chance to work with different people and all of them were super supportive and always ready to help.
I learned so much from these guys on both professional and personal levels. Active Youth is not only active, but also dedicated, altruistic and they’re really making the world a better place ❤️

Hello guys!

This is İrem. I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve just graduated from Law Faculty and I’ve decided to spend some time only for my self-development for a while. Active Youth helped me to open my inner door with its warm environment.

While I was searching for Erasmus internship opportunities, I saw Active Youth’s call, however this call was different from others since they don’t look for your CV like other ordinary internships. That’s why it took my attention and I found myself in Vilnius at an NGO.

I hear you, this job is totally different from my field. But actually that was the crucial point for me! I needed to discover other parts of me and plan my future also according to my dreams. I’ve met great people here proved me that you can make a better world!

I am thankful for all openness of AY and their light on my way.

İrem Mutlu

September-December ’19

erasmus internship

Vivien Kühnen

August-October ’19

Hey, dears!

I am Vivien. Originally from Germany, but I also consider the Netherlands my home… and after some time living in Lithuania, I would say I made Vilnius my home as well. From that, you might assume that I liked it here- you are more than right.

I am really glad that I choose Vilnius and Active Youth to be part of my path. I studied psychology in the Netherlands. However, I wanted to gain some experience outside of my field. That I haven’t heard of Erasmus+ was no obstacle and everyone at AY is super welcoming and I got to see behind the curtains of Erasmus+. So take-home message for you: Even if you think your CV might not be suitable, don’t hestiate. What they are really looking for is your motivation and willingness to learn. If you have this and are interested in working with people who care about their (social) environment, just do it like I did- apply!

Hello friends! I’m a Finnish student in Scotland studying politics and international relations. As I apparently can’t stay in one place for more than 5 minutes I decided to find a new country to explore, this time through an Erasmus+ internship. Somehow I found my way into this wonderful corner of the world that people call Lithuania. When I arrived in Vilnius for the first time I was greeted by a beautiful and vibrant city in the height of summer. I was presented with so many new opportunities at Active Youth, from a training course for youth workers to volunteering in Kaunas Juvenile Prison. Helping out with other projects was eye opening and really helped me when I was given the task of writing my own Erasmus+ mobility. The atmosphere in the office is chill but professional and there is always help and advice at hand if needed. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the team.

I had the chance to meet incredibly inspiring people in all the places I visited this summer. Working at AY gave me important skills for the future and Vilnius gave me memories to last a lifetime!

erasmus internship

Jenny Degerth

June – August ’19

Lucie Fišerová

May – August ’19

Hello! My name is Lucie and I come from Czech Republic. I am in the last year of Management and Supervision in Social organizations studies.

The first impression that I had about Active Youth was: Organization with a young, dynamic spirit where employees do care about the impact of their activities. Therefore I wanted to get to know better this cool non-profit association with meaningful goals. I had many various tasks during my internship – from research and evaluation work to creating social media content. The next benefit of being the trainee here is that projects are focused on different target groups, therefore you can choose the topic that interests you the most. As I am a social worker, I was involved in social related projects – social inclusion through sport and project enhancing reintegration of young offenders into the society. These topics were completely new for me and I´ve learned so much about preparation and implementation of projects. At the end of the internship, I took a chance to write my own project.

Last but not least, this organization would be nothing without great employees. Your colleagues never let you struggle for a long time, always offering support and kind words. At the same time, this internship was full of challenges and new experience and I am grateful for that. It was a pleasure to be a part of this organization. Lithuania and Vilnius became part of me for sure!

Hey there, I am Thaïs from France. When I found the internship offer and discovered this association, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it (and not just because they have free coffee).
I always enjoyed travelling, but it is after spending a semester on an Erasmus exchange that I realize how much I love being abroad, to discover new people from all around the world, new cities and lifestyles. With Active Youth I got to work in an international environment, which is an incredible opportunity! I also love to challenge myself, and I am glad that I had the chance to be a part of this optimist and energic NGO. I have learned so many things here, from how to write and implement Erasmus+ projects to creating websites etc. I also went on three youth exchanges and facilitated activities for participants, which was an amazing experience. Moreover, the AY team is so friendly and enthusiastic that I immediately felt comfortable working there.
Last but not least, I really enjoyed living in Vilnius, which is really different from France and I am happy to have discovered a country as little-known as Lithuania. An internship at Active Youth is a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

Thaïs Poullot

March – July ’19

Taylor Alexander

February-April ’19

Hey there! I’m Taylor, from the United States. I’m currently in the final year of my studies as an International Relations student at a German university. When it came time to find an internship for my final semester, I wasn’t quite sure where to look. I stumbled upon Active Youth while scouring the internet for internship opportunities, and I’m so glad I did! Since I started three months ago, I’ve learned so much. The team here at AY has been so supportive and helpful from the start. In such a short period of time, I’ve completed research for projects with incredible objectives, built websites, worked on social media, and learned a great deal about the creation, facilitation and implementation of Erasmus+ projects. I’ve become more confident in myself and my ability to adapt to new job roles, and I am so thankful for Active Youth for teaching me all of the above and more, while having fun at the same time. I am sad to be leaving Lithuania and Active Youth, but I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to come here to complete my internship!

Bonjour! I am Pauline from France. I came here to do my Master’s internship in European Project Management.
When I told my friends and family that I was going to go to Lithuania for my internship, they just kept asking me one question: “Why Lithuania?”. It is true that Lithuania is not the most popular country (especially when you come during winter). But I have to say that I do not regret my choice. Vilnius is a lovely city and I got to know a lot more about Lithuania, a country I knew nothing about. I really enjoyed spending time in this country, this city, and especially in Active Youth. Working here, I had the chance to work on various tasks: from daily tasks to writing a European project myself, building a webpage, working on existing projects and taking part in a European project. Co-working in this organisation is really easy since everyone is so friendly and always willing to help.

Working in such an atmosphere makes you think you are not even working, I guess that it is what happens when you really enjoy what you’re doing and when you are surrounded by great and inspiring people 🙂

Pauline Benoist

January-April ’19

Ekaterina Ponomareva

January-March ’19

Hi! I’m Ekaterina from Russia. I have been studying in Finland and decided to have an internship in Lithuania at Active Youth. My major is industrial management. Learning about Erasmus+ projects, from planning to implementation has been extremely interesting for me. I did a lot of different tasks: writing and participating in a project, preparing/organizing researches and surveys and working with social media. This internship boosted my professional and intercultural communication skills and I’m really thankful for each kind and amazing member of the team who made it possible. I always loved meeting new people and intercultural atmospheres, and my first Erasmus internship made it all possible. Lastly, I fell in love with Vilnius, its architecture and its people. Since my internship was mostly in the winter and the beginning of spring, I dream to one day visit it in the summer time!

Active Youth is a home for people who try to make our world a better place. I’m honoured to say that I was part of the team!

Since my first day as an intern in Active Youth organization I knew that this will be a meaningful experience for me. Everyone there was always kind and helpful and most importantly the atmoshere was so inspiring to learn and to try new things. During my internship, I had a chance to try myself in various activities. One of my task was to call to schools and arrange interactive lessons for students about active citizenship. Moreover, in the end of my internship I had an opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ youth exchange and to be part of the organizing team. I sincerely could say that this was one of the best part of my internship. I have learned many practical things from these incredible 9 days. All in all, during these 3 months internship I have improved my communication and organizational skills and always enjoyed working with an amazing team.

Active Youth organization is an inspiring place for everyone who is motivated to achieve their aims and objectives!

Samanta Tumpytė

September-November ’18

Active Youth intern Klaudija

Klaudija Samulevičiūtė

September-October ’18

Hey! My name is Klaudija and I come from Lithuania.
You might ask how I’ve ended up in Active Youth office when I am about to finish my fashion industries studies (which is not that much related to Erasmus + youth mobility/ trainings).
I should begin with Istanbul story. Back in 2016 I moved to Istanbul, Turkey with Erasmus studying program and at the end instead of 4 months I’ve choose to stay there about two years, that experience completely changed me and my attitude towards life.
When I came back to my home – country Lithuania from Istanbul, all I wanted to do was to travel, meet new people and learn new things. That’s how I’ve discovered Erasmus +, youth exchanges, trainings and Active Youth. This leads us to the story why I’ve came up with the idea to do an internship there and besides that according social media Active Youth seems to be the best NGO in Lithuania.
My internship has started on 22th of September in 2019 and it has lasted for two months. During that time I did a lot of different things. Starting with boring administrative things to organizing events about Erasmus + opportunities and travel stories, healthy lifestyle and writing a project related to ecological subjects.
I was really enjoying that time there, the atmosphere which is created in the office and freedom to realize your ideas which you have in your minds & colleagues are amazing!

All in all, I am glad to say that now I am one of the team members in Active Youth ❤

I am not here; I am not there; I am around. 24-year-old Economics bachelor student from very heart of Turkey. I have always been interested in languages, countries, culture and travel. Thanks to Erasmus+ Internship in Active Youth I have managed to turn my passions into a profession. Before this internship I was not aware of the full scope of Erasmus+ program. Also, I didn’t have a chance to visit any of the Baltic countries and was a bit confused about the location of Latvia and Lithuania on the map. During this internship, I not only learned plenty of information about NGOs and Erasmus+, but also had the chance of experience Lithuanian way of living and thinking thoroughly. During this short summer time, I have been truly amazed by the professionality, efficiency and originality of Active Youth family. They are all beyond co-workers and close friends for me. I closely observed that productivity and efficiency increase immensely in environments which makes you feel like home.

Active Youth will always be around for me, forever!

Abdulkadir Mülayim

June-September ’18

Greta Kunickytė

June-September ’18

I am 18 years old school leaver from Lithuania. Talking about my interests, I must admit that I am engaged in a number of hobbies. The one that I mostly focus on is volleyball and the second activity that I am keen on is traveling. I have participated in Erasmus+ projects since 2014. All these projects were interesting, full of memorable time and experience gained here was highly important for me. This is the main reason why I always wanted to contribute in making these projects and to see how it works. I am responsible for preparing Facebook posts, sending emails and selecting participants for Erasmus projects. I can say that the working environment in this organization is perfect for those who want to have co-workers as friends because people here are communicative, always fun, reliable and kind.

Active Youth is a place where different people communicate with one promising team!

My name is Irena Horjak, I am 28 years old and I come from Slovenia. I am finishing my master’s studies in Sociology. I always wanted to work in an environment where I can make a change and leave an impact. I love challenges, traveling and meeting new people. Before coming to Lithuania I didn’t know much about the country. That was one of the reasons that I was so interested to go and see it with my own eyes. I already had experience with Erasmus + before when I went on an exchange a few years ago, but I really wanted to experience Erasmus+ internship. To be an intern in an NGO that does projects and works with youth was my desire and that is why I chose Active Youth. During the internship, I had different tasks. I have worked with Photoshop, learned how to create web pages, went on mobilities where I could observe my colleagues‘ projects and met people from all over Europe. I had the task to select the next intern who will have the opportunity to write his/her own story in Active Youth. Also, I had a chance to write my own project. Working in this organization gave me a lot of experience. I was lucky to work here because I met a group of super friendly people who always gave me guidance and support. I was surprised that people in Lithuania are so loving and caring. Lithuania is a beautiful country since there are lots of forests and lakes. I had the opportunity to visit the seaside with sandy beaches, which brought me a lot of joy.

Active Youth is an organization that is motivated and driven. It gives you a lot of possibilities to grow and develop. They are like a family because they accept you just the way you are.

Irena Horjak

February-August ’18

Monika Grinevičiūtė

January-March ’18

I am Monika, a recent graduate of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. I love traveling, exploring new cultures and meeting new people. I was always in love with the Erasmus+ program since I went for an Erasmus+ studies exchange, also I was familiar with other Erasmus+ program opportunities, but I never knew how it looks to be on the other side, working and organizing the exchanges. That‘s why the internship in Active Youth was a perfect chance to learn something new. During Erasmus internship, I was looking for new partners, working with social media and particular projects. I am happy with my internship because I gained new skills and I learned a lot of new things.

Active Youth is a great team with a clear vision.

I am a Political Science student, with lots of interests: music, dancing, sports, traveling. I am open-minded and easy going – always looking to try out new things, meet different people from all across the globe and experience something new. I have been living in Vilnius since I was born. I love my city and I am excited to see it grow. During my Erasmus internship in Active Youth, I was involved in a long-term project „Together: Refugees & Youth”, which focus is helping the refugees in Europe to integrate more easily. Also, I organized social activities, educated people through social media platforms and took a part in other youth exchange projects. I learned that no matter where you are, wherever you come from if you have the determination and will, you can adapt easily as there are always people willing to help you. Active Youth is not only an organization, which should be seen only in terms of work. It gives you more than that. Wonderful people, I met there set an example for me. My colleagues were working with the organization from Honduras on planning a continuous youth project over three continents: South America, Africa, and Europe and it made me realize that the opportunities are everywhere.

Active Youth: great opportunities, great work ethics, lifetime friends and so much more than that!

Teodoras Grigaliunas

October-January ’17

Grazia Cristino

June-September ’17

International Relations graduate, Human Rights activist, globetrotter. I love reading, writing, playing volleyball and meeting new cultures. Before the internship, I have already had an Erasmus experience as an exchange student in Warsaw, thus I knew Erasmus+ could positively change your life and that Eastern Europe countries have several good surprises in store. On the other side, I was uncertain about what would my internship experience will be. I knew I will be working for a youth organization, taking part in different projects, but had no clear picture of it. During my Erasmus internship, I had the chance to improve my skills and build some new skills also. I was writing a blog and social media posts, facilitating Erasmus+ youth projects, taking care of relations with partners, organizing and participating in social events. I was also guided to the writing of my first Erasmus+ youth exchange project, which later was implemented by Active Youth itself. Going back home, I left an office where I also had a lot of fun, had my colleagues who were also friends and I left a small, but tenacious country. My heart is full of good memories linked to my Lithuanian summer!

Active Youth is a perfect gym to professionally train yourself and enhance your career!

I am a young international economist with 11 years of research experience. Aside from research, I love to volunteer for organizations and motivate people. I knew from the very beginning that I was going to enjoy this internship since I love working on projects. After reading about Active Youth and their projects I was more than sure that it is a great place to get mentors and make friends. I participated in all projects that were on-going by the time of my internship. I learned a lot and enjoyed making new friends. I worked as a Projects Manager, so I was involved in writing new projects, working as a trainer/facilitator, and learned about budgeting. Now call Lithuania my second home. I learned a lot and had fun also. Erasmus internship offered me an opportunity to improve my projects writing skills. Honestly, it’s an experience I will forever cherish.

Active Youth is not just an NGO but a game changer and a pacesetter in contributing to development in Europe and beyond. It is a hub of ideas, a home for the youth, and a center of excellence.

Charles Mensah

February-June ’17

Carlos Galvany Aguilar

January-June ’17

Hey! I’m Carlos from Spain. I was studying Sociology & Politics at the time I went to Lithuania. The Erasmus internship in the Active Youth offered me a chance to do two of my favorite things: to be a part of the Erasmus+ and to discover new places. Before working here I took part in a few Erasmus+ exchanges that made me fell in love with the idea of joining the Erasmus+ community. It wasn‘t my first time in Lithuania and I was really excited about living in such an amazing country, so fascinating and different than my own. During the internship in Active Youth, I worked in the whole process of creating and implementing Erasmus+ Key Actions. We created and developed them, designed the activities and the way to do them. Also, I participated as a trainer in the projects held during my internship. To work with Active Youth is to work in a young, dynamic atmosphere with informal methodologies. It means to be part of a close, supportive team that looks after each other. I never expected my experience in Lithuania to be so good (and I had very high expectations when I moved there!) I had a bit of a culture shock on the first days, but it was soon gone. Lithuanians are very cool, smart and nice, and with a fun sense of humor (believe me, they do have it. You just have to know where to look). The country itself is fascinating, full of history and stories to be discovered. It‘s hard to believe the number of incredible places in such a tiny country. My advice to those who go to Lithuania is to go beyond its surface. The country is full of relatively unknown cool places: from lovely villages to great pubs. Ah! And the landscapes. The landscapes are breathtaking.

The Active Youth experience is absolutely recommendable, no doubt!

I am a young professional from Romania, I love to travel, explore new countries and cultures, and in my free time I watch movies and read about the history (especially about communist regimes in Eastern Europe), I like Italian cuisine and I am a sports fan. Before my  Erasmus internship, I was a little nervous because I haven‘t worked in an office before, but my new colleagues were very friendly and patient with me, so I adapted to the job quickly. I wrote two European Union projects in the field of non-formal education, I did online research about NGO’s, I had tasks related to social media (Facebook page about refugees in Europe), and I volunteered in a youth exchange project. My experience was very good because I learned a lot of job skills, I have met many interesting people from different countries in the youth exchange project and I enjoyed my time in Lithuania because I had the opportunity to explore this amazing country and different cities.

Active Youth is an excellent place to begin your career.

Victor Ciobotaru

August-September ’16

Ewelina Parzych

August-October ’16

My name is Ewelina Parzych and I come from Poland. At the time I did my internship in Vilnius I was 23 and it was my second Erasmus experience. Before that I spent one semester at the University of Amsterdam and, in my mind, Erasmus was closely related to university stuff. I had no idea that you can do so many other Erasmus things like youth exchanges, training or EVS.

At that time I have just finished my second bachelor’s and I thought: “Hey, maybe it’s the last opportunity to go for an Erasmus!” I fell in love with Vilnius for one weekend I spent there a year before my Erasmus internship. Somehow it reminded me of Poland, but in fact, it is very different. The city has its own soul. I decided I want to go back, and then the opportunity came. I helped in the preparation of activities for projects, I could take part in three of those and see how they were done. I researched everything about projects, forms, EVS. After my first training “Let’s digitalize youth organizations” in Kaunas I had many ideas and I met so many inspiring people that, under the guidance of the team, I started writing projects: “Project your own city”, which was later held also in Kaunas and “Make love speech”. It was amazing to see how projects which I helped create have developed and were implemented later. Active Youth team showed me many ways of running NGOs and projects in EU, which is a great opportunity if you want to have your own business or organization (not necessarily for youth). For me, it was very intensive and inspiring time. Lithuania has many great places to visit, like Klaipeda, Kaunas, Nida, which are easily reachable and not that touristy as they deserve to be. You can also discover tiny and pretty villages around Vilnius and stunning nature.

Active Youth is a strong, innovative and powerful team. I keep my fingers crossed for all things they do!

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