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Active Youth Human believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. The ability to live and work without prejudice is a fundamental right, regardless of your background, identity and experiences.


We seek to educate ourselves and others to look beyond stereotypes, to create a world where it is safe to be yourself no matter who you are, to recognise and celebrate diversity.

Learning & Sharing

Active Youth Human is always ready to learn from partners worldwide, share good practices and expand our circle of good-doers.

Our objectives

Human rights

Teaching young people about human rights and inspiring them to become valuable supporters of tolerance and peace.

Social inclusion

Creating a society in which every individual has rights, responsibilities and an active role to play.

Equal opportunities

Advocating for disadvantaged & vulnerable groups, so that everyone has equal opportunities.

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Going deeper

We run an educational platform for NGOs the world over. What’s good in there? Online courses & guides on how to work digitally, get project funding & more.

Yes, we create & publish

We have and are creating methodologies to support people working in equality & inclusion fields.

Meet Active Youth Human

Legal name: Asociacija “Aktyvus jaunimas”
HQ: Naugarduko g. 32/2, Vilnius, Lithuania
Since: 2014
We speak: 🇬🇧 🇱🇹 🇪🇸 🇵🇱
Tel: +370 (648) 49 302
Message: Free to Be You 🧡

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    You are lucky: this Erasmus PIF is being regularly updated and, thus, is up to date.

    National Agency identification Agency of International Youth Co-operation, Lithuania (LT02)
    Organisation full legal name Asociacija “Aktyvus Jaunimas”
    Acronym AJ
    National id 303244347
    ESC accreditation 2016-1-LT02-KA110-004956 / 2020-1-LT02-ESC52-007046
    DUNS number 365884752
    NCAGE code 014HR
    PIC number / OID 947299382 / E10165227

    Legal representative / Contact person

    First name Gediminas
    Family name Kondrackis
    Position Director
    Telephone +37064331871
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