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Simplest Way to Reduce Carbon Footprint
Average person has an annual CO2 footprint of around 15 tones. F*ck CO2 with 1 click - donate to green projects ($1 for 1 tone)

How F*ck CO2 Works

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1. Donate to Reduce Carbon Footprint (F*ck CO2)

F*ck CO2 platform is the simplest thing for reducing carbon footprint out there. You can donate to green projects (in developing countries) as much as you feel like. Average donation: $4.95

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2. $ Goes to UN-approved Green Projects

Your donation goes to one of the United Nations (UN) approved CO2 offsetting projects in developing countries. We look for maximum bang for your buck; thus the price per CO2 tone is usually around $1.

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3. You Get a Certificate for Trashing CO2

We’ll send you a certificate and customised social media material for F*cking CO2 together wit us. This way, you can proudly let your friends know how to F*ck CO2 as well!

What People Say about F*ck CO2

I am very happy to be working with Fck CO2 to help our one and only mother earth. Thank you!

Erasmus partner
Christian Briffa 🇲🇹

Great company with amazing vision! I am a proud member especially due to my frequent flying.

Raul Labadze 🇬🇪

These guys make it easy to reduce your footprint. ❤️attitude of this company!

Uğur Keskin 🇹🇷

I am happy to see Fck CO2 taking a leadership position in addressing the climate crisis.

Carolina Bacarrezz 🇨🇱

Wanna Reduce Carbon Footprint & Help The Planet?

Sadly, you can no longer be nice here. Need to f*ck CO2 real hard.

Selected Green Projects

Reforestation project in India

Many parcels of degraded land that is owned by small and poor farmers/tribes who do not have the capability of plantation without any external financial support. The project has been undertaken to protect the land which was severely degraded or degrading. Prior to the project activity the lands were wastelands due to severe soil erosion.

River hydro project in Brazil

The main goal of the project is to feed the National Interconnected Grid System (SIN), compensating thermal power generation from fossil fuels with the generation of renewable sources of energy. The construction of Malagone also helps to meet the growing demand of energy/electricity in Brazil.

Wind power project in India

In the absence of the project activity, the electricity thus supplied would have been generated by GHG intensive fossil fuel-based thermal power plants. The project activity contributes to sustainable social and economic well-being along with conservation of environment through the use of wind as a renewable source.

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About F*ck CO2

Legal name: Active Youth Association
HQ: Vilnius, Lithuania
Since: 2014
Purpose: better planet for youth
Team: 18 youth workers, project managers, community leaders and good people overall
We speak: 🇬🇧 🇱🇹 🇪🇸 🇵🇱
Message to you: f*ck that CO2, tiger 🐯

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