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Gift To Closest People Around You
Idea: instead of gifting something wholly unnecessary,
reduce the CO2 footprint by 1000s of kg
  • In short, it’s a coupon that certifies that you’ve donated to a project that reduces our CO2 footprint by hundreds of thousands of kilograms. For example, by changing light bulbs or stoves for more efficient ones in the developing nations.

  • Yes, defintely. That’s the point of this platform – to foster a culture of giving sustainably. It’s way better to give your friend or family member a CO2 offset rather than something they don’t really need.

  • It is almost certainly not. A lot needs to change for the planet to stop and reverse global warming. Not least in the way we act as individuals and societies. Carbon offsets are an imperfect substitute, a small step towards the bigger goal. And, it is surely not enough. Yet, even little steps matter.

  • Giving presents is a beautiful tradition that goes back thousands of years. In fact, even animals give each other gifts. In other words, it’s in our nature. And, there would not be anything wrong with it. Yet, we are massively overdoing it lately. Making useless plastic thingies by their millions, cutting down trees and much more. Where is the joy in that?

How does it work?

reduce carbon footprint donation
1. Choose your Eco-Friendly Gift Pack

Make your friend’s actions climate positive & tackle climate change on his/her behalf. You choose the size of the gift, donate via PayPal / credit card and we do the rest.

reduce carbon footprint projects
2. $ Goes to UN-approved Projects

Your donation goes to one of the United Nations (UN) approved CO2 offsetting projects in developing countries. We look for maximum bang for your buck; that keeps the price per CO2 tonne low.

3. You get Eco-coupon to gift a friend

We will send you a certificate and social media material for being socially responsible during the festive season. And, regardless of the gift size, a big thank you for being part of the change!

Top projects. Choose one

Reforestation project in India

The project has been undertaken to protect the land which was severely degraded or degrading. Prior to the project activity, the lands were wastelands due to severe soil erosion.

Available tonnes: 46,611

žalias vėjo jėgainių projektas
Wind power project in India

The project activity contributes to sustainable social and economic well-being along with conservation of the environment through the use of wind as a renewable source. It also helps the locals and people in the area.

Available tonnes: 1,611

River hydro project in Brazil

The main goal of the project is to compensate thermal power generation from fossil fuels with the renewable sources of energy. The construction of Malagone also helps to meet the growing demand of energy/electricity in Brazil.

Available tonnes: 162,346


Give a gift to yourself and your loved ones.

Gift options

Climate Buddy Pack
Climate positive for half a year


  • 3500 kg of co2 will be offset
  • UN-backed project
  • Gift to loved ones
Climate Guru Pack
Climate positive for a year


  • 7000 kg of co2 will be offset
  • UN-backed project
  • Gift to loved ones
Climate Hero Pack
Climate positive for 2 years


  • 14000 kg of co2 will be offset
  • UN-backed project
  • Gift to loved ones
Instant delivery
PayPal secure checkout
  • One of our guiding principles is transparency. Thus, let’s be frank – we use part of the donation to sustain our daily NGO work and our team working on the platform. The remaining sum is going to selected projects through UN carbon offset programme. For you to know the exact sums, we’re crafting our annual report on how the donation has been used. This will be finished as soon as we crunch the data and numbers from the projects globally.

What people say about us

I am very happy to be working with Active Youth Association to help our one and only mother earth. Thank you!

Erasmus partner
Christian Briffa 🇲🇹

I did not have to look for a better gift idea since this is what I was looking for years. Highly recommended!

Raul Labadze 🇬🇪

These guys make it easy to reduce your footprint. My family will be surprised since this gift will reduce years of produced CO2!

Uğur Keskin 🇹🇷

I am happy to see Active Youth Association taking a leadership position in addressing the climate crisis.

Carolina Bacarrezz 🇨🇱

Tired of typical gifts?

It’s time to act responsibly. Even the little counts.

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About Eco-Team

Legal name: Active Youth Association
HQ: Vilnius, Lithuania
Since: 2014
Team: 18 youth workers, project managers, community leaders and good people overall
We speak: 🇬🇧 🇱🇹 🇪🇸 🇵🇱
Message to you: Make a gift to the planet. Or for yourself and your closest people around you.

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