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We as a modern society can hardly imagine our lives without the internet, social media, and a massive amount of time spent online for various reasons. As the digital world is constantly evolving, so do we, while allowing it to impact our everyday life significantly.

Have you ever considered how it affects you and society as a whole?

As one of the Erasmus+ priorities addresses digital development of digital readiness, resilience, and capacity, those are the movies and TV series that inspire Active Youth Click to write projects on this topic. Despite that, we recommend watching it for everyone who would like to become more aware of the internet’s ongoing processes, its dangers, or promising solutions.

iHuman (2020)

IMDb 6.7/10

Topic: artificial intelligence

Description: “iHuman “is a thought-provoking documentary about the booming artificial intelligence industry and its impact on society. It is an excellent introduction to the topic, including the consequences of artificial intelligence in the context of power and social control.

The Human Face of Big Data (2014)

IMDb 7.1/10

Topic: data collection and its advantages/disadvantages

Description: “The Human Face of Big Data “provides insight on not only the dark sides of data collection and analysis but a bright side as well. It reminds us that the ability to analyze data in real-time allows us to address the biggest challenges of humanity while promising knowledge evolution. However, this data accessibility has its downsides as well.

The Great Hack (2019)

IMDb 7.1/10

Topic: data exploitation, fake-news, social media

Description: “The Great Hack “is a documentary on the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal concerning the U.S. Presidential election of 2016 as well as the Brexit vote and other international political campaigns. It raises the problem of using peoples’ data to manipulate them and gives space for the audience to think about how easy it is to sway us toward the desired outcome just by using our data which we do not realize could be helpful for such purposes.

Disconnect (2014)

IMDb 7.5/10

Topic: internet, cyberbullying, pornography

Description:“Disconnect” is a dramatic thriller that explores distinct storylines, including people being victims of different internet traps such as internet addiction, stolen identities, cyberbullying, pornography. All of these stories represent the main problem:” ordinary people struggle to connect in today’s wired world.” This movie includes different topics related to the internet’s harmful side, making it a must-watch movie to get a broader perspective regarding internet effects.

Searching (2018)

IMDb 7.6/10

Topic: social media

Description: “Searching “is a mystery thriller film that tells a story via technology devices we use every day. When David Kim daughter disappears, he becomes an internet stalker of his child while trying to find clues and understands that he does not even know her daughter.  It imposesthe paradox of technology “a tool that’s meant to bring people closer together, that it also can foster such a divide. ” This movie mainly serves a cautionary purpose of the social media, although, it gives some insights on the internet possibly being a source of connection as well. Even though this movie is not a real story, it still is an excellent source of food for thought.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

IMDb 7.6/10

Topic: social media, algorithms, manipulation

Description: “The Social Dilemma” is the mix between documentary and narrative drama, which brings out social media problems and how it reprograms civilization. It features interviews with professionals from top tech companies and social media platforms who sound the alarm of their inventions. While the movie explains how big social media companies use algorithms to manipulate users and, in this way, to encourage addiction to those platforms, it is a must-watch for everyone to better understand how the social media platforms work, hidden machinations, and their consequences on a personal level.

Zero Days (2016)

IMDb 7.8/10

Topic: cyberwarfare

Description: It is a fantastic documentary about a self-replicating computer virus called Stuxnet, which was unleashed by U.S. and Israeli security agencies to destroy Iran’s nuclear program. The movie shows the dangers of cyber warfare and leaves thinking about cyber weapons and their potential, not from the bright side.

Her (2013)

IMDb 8.0/10

Topic: artificial intelligence

Description: “Her” is a sci-fi love story where a lonely man Theodore gives technology a chance to simulate real human connection and falls in love with an artificial operating system. The movie leaves us thinking about how an emotional reliance on our devices is becoming a norm, as the internet is our daily tool for connection and interaction with others. Although the movie is not judgemental, it validates and romanticizes the idea of practical and pleasant virtual interactions without seeing a person beforehand.

Caught in the Net (2020)

IMDb 8.2/10

Topic: online sexual abuse of children

Description: This movie presents the real experiment in online sexual abuse of children that many kids on the internet face. The film is uncomfortable to watch while it faces the sickening reality of things that happens on the internet. Everyone knows that this is happening, but this movie works as a fantastic social intervention act and is a must to watch for everyone.

Black Mirror (2011)

IMDb 8.8/10

Topic: modern technologies, social networks, robots, manipulation, cybersecurity and cyberbullying, transhumanism, etc.

Description:“Black Mirror” is a futuristic TV series that explores the themes of contemporary techno-paranoia. There are 5 seasons with many episodes, each of them being independent. It means that the casts and plots are entirely different, covering different topics, allowing people to watch episodes in any order. This fascinating TV series leaves a lot of space to think about the dark sides of using technology and the transformation of behavior it can bring. Even though the situations presented in this TV show is exaggerated and pushed to the extreme, it is very compelling and makes it easy to process the harmful aspects of constantly developing technology.

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