Free sports events in Vilnius!

Free sports events in Vilnius

Free sports events in Vilnius!

Free sports events in Vilnius! 1200 792 AY Institute

Sport can be used in many ways. It can help you grow your personality, may offer career and even fame. However, used with a different intention, it can also foster inclusion and positive ties between people coming from different backgrounds. Think about it! Once we are in one sports team, suddenly all of our social differences disappear, as we all aim for the same goal – to win.

On the 6th and 27th of August we have organized 2 sports events for the Inclusion for Healthy Generations project. Both of the events took place at Petras Vileisis progymnasium in Vilnius. We were able to use the sports facilities for free, thus we are extremely thankful for the members of the progymnasium for the opportunity.

From strangers to a team

During the first event – “Volleyball for all” – 16 participants took part in a friendly match. Some of the people have never met before thus everyone had a little conversation before the match started. At the beginning, the organizers of the event shortly briefed participants about the rules of volleyball, making sure that everyone is familiar with the game. Following that, the teams of 6 were made up and the game started.

Grupė jaunų žmonių žaidžia tinklinį lauke, tinklinio aikštelėje. Du žmonės iš skirtingų komandų pašokę į viršų ir taiko į kamuolį

During the match there were some changes in the teams, so that everyone could play and get involved. It was a fun and interesting game, both teams showing a great level of participation.

Even though most of the people have never met each other before, everyone quickly developed a great team spirit and found a way to play well together. It became evident that sport unites different people, brings them together and creates opportunities for communities to get together and have fun.

4 different countries, 1 relay race

The second event – “Sports Funathon for all” – brought together sports enthusiasts, who participated in friendly relay races. We had all sorts of games prepared – basketball and ping pong races, exercises for the brain, games that involved a lot of running and some that required more concentration.

After each of the games, we mixed the teams, so that everyone could get to know each other. We had participants from different countries – Lithuania, Poland, Jordania and Turkey. It was interesting to find out that some of the games we played were also popular in other cultures.

Group of young people looking into a camera during basketball game.

Even though there were no prizes for the winners, people got involved and cheered for their teams. It was a great and cosy evening of fun games and active sports.

Free events to ensure equal access to a healthy lifestyle for everyone

The main goal of all “Inclusion for Healthy Generations” events is to ensure an equal access to a healthy lifestyle for everyone, providing an affordable way to practice non-professional sport. Hence the free-of-charge events were promoted on social media thus anyone who was interested had a possibility to participate, there were no limitations for age or background.

Sport events gathered different people, provided an opportunity for everyone to practice sports that they might have not tried before and meet new people, build friendships. Everyone who took part in “Volleyball for all” and “Sports Funathon for all” were very satisfied and expressed their interest to participate in the future events, which for us acted as a great indicator of success.

More free sports events are coming!

👉 As for our future events, we have planned a dance session, football, basketball and volleyball games and many more. We are very excited and looking forward to seeing you there – join us!

Just stay tuned – we will announce all the information on our Facebook page and events calendar


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