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Free sports events in Vilnius: join!

Free sports events in Vilnius: join! 1200 792 Active Youth Association

Sport can be used in many ways. It can help you grow your personality, may offer career and even fame. However, used with a different intention, it can also foster inclusion and positive ties between people coming from different backgrounds. Think about it! Once we are in one sports team, suddenly all of our social…

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Vilnius Study Fair

Vilnius Study Fair 150 150 Active Youth Association

In the beginning of February our association has been to Vilnius Study Fair. Here we have been talking to high school students about studies abroad and benefits of higher education in general. Since members of “Active Youth” have been going to universities in Denmark, Holland, Spain, Portugal, USA, Latvia and Lithuania, we have really a…

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Vilnius Book Fair

Vilnius Book Fair 720 536 Active Youth Association

Today “Active Youth” Association is visiting Vilnius Book Fair. Here we’re telling kids how important it is to be active, find true friends from all around the world, be understanding and tolerant, enjoy life and be happy with what you do! Share your ideas with the little ones as well!

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