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Top 6 NGOs in Lithuania

Top 6 NGOs in Lithuania 626 417 AY Institute

This post about NGOs in Lithuania was last updated in Dec 2023.

This post is for those, who are either: 1) looking for a partner NGO; or 2) are willing to join an NGOs in Lithuania as staff/volunteers.

First, what is an NGO?

NGO in short is a non-governmental organization. It usually doesn’t seek profit from its activity, but seeks certain social or political goals at a community, national or international level. Thus, people who take part in the activities of NGOs, contribute to the well-being of others. A few examples: helping homeless people and animals, caring for lonely seniors, people with disabilities, families and individuals at risk, etc.

So what are the 6 hottest NGOs in Lithuania now?

6. Order of Malta Relief Organization

This organization works in these main fields: assisting the elderly (that varies from visiting during main celebrations to a daily supply of warm meals) and running Malteser Children daycare centres. It also assists the disabled, based on spiritual foster and moral support (organizing rehabilitation-adaptation camps, international meetings, pilgrimages).

Good for: volunteering

5. Goodwill Projects

The long-term goal of the organization “Goodwill Projects” is to bring together specialists from different fields to engage in the development, management and implementation of used social support programs in business, scientific or social activities. The organization currently runs three initiatives regarding the donation of both material and non-material things to the ones who need them the most.

Good for: volunteering

4. Lithuanian Samaritan Community

The main objective of the Lithuanian Samaritan Society is to care for people in distress. This includes caring for the elderly, people with disabilities, to help low-income, disadvantaged and large families in Lithuania. Samaritans provide people with nursing and social care services, transport and help disabled people, run children day centres and charity points.

Good for: volunteering

3. POLA – Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition

POLA’s aim is to minimize the number of people affected by cancer to as low as possible. Also, to ensure that both patients and their families have access to effective treatment and the best possible informative, social, psychological and mental support. That’s why they:

  • educate society on how to reduce the risks of developing cancer;
  • teach patients how to actively engage in their treatment process;
  • organise free seminars, training, art therapies and conferences dedicated to patients.

Good for: volunteering

2. Nature Conservation Association “Baltic Wolf”

The Association is concerned with the protection of mammals living in the wild, especially large predators and other rare and endangered species. It strives for a peaceful coexistence of human beings with wild mammals and wants to maintain a harmonious attitude towards the environment, nature and wildlife. Finally, the Baltic Wolf seeks to:

  • break down myths, groundless fears about wolves;
  • aims for the fair and ethical treatment of mammals;
  • seeks transparent and rational decision-making towards Lithuanian wildlife.

Good for: volunteering

1. Active Youth Association

Active Youth (AY) aims to provide young people (including those with fewer opportunities, disabilities and from other sensitive social groups) with international exchanges, training and projects opportunities. WHY? To improve and expand their competencies and opportunities in life. Currently, they are working in 3 key areas:

  • 🌳 Sustainability – here AY aims to EDUCATE fellow earthlings about sustainability and better choices for the environment & climate. WHY? Because everyone has a part to play in ensuring our planet stays liveable.
  • 🌈 Equality & inclusion – AY believes that diversity should be celebrated. Hence, their mission is to EDUCATE on stereotypes, human rights, social issues and to ADVOCATE for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.
  • ❤️ Health & sports – the goal is to engrave the idea that sports are not about medals. It is about personal glory and growth and being a part of a like-minded team and a united community.

Good for: volunteering, doing an internship, becoming a partner

Read experiences of previous interns of Active Youth.

active youth team by the seaside

Active Youth team at the Baltic seaside.

Join NGOs in Lithuania

As you can see, all of these organisations have a common thing – the desire to help others and contribute to society. If you share this desire with them, don’t hesitate to contact any of them.

Check out internship possibilities at Active Youth Association.

We promise that you won’t regret any minute spent volunteering, working for- or partnering with these NGOs (as Lithuanians say – I’m so sure about it that I’ll give you my tooth if I’m wrong!)

Keep in mind that these are only 6 NGOs that we wanted to share with you, while there are many more others in Lithuania! Find what suits your interests best and don’t miss a chance to contribute to something. It will not only give satisfaction, good emotions and new skills, but will also make a positive influence on your surroundings 💜

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