turkey earthquake refugee camp

Ethical Travel Guide

Ethical Travel Guide 1000 667 Gedas Kondrackis

Navigating ethical travel to areas affected by war, conflict aftermath, or poverty is becoming increasingly significant. As more people embark on visits to these regions, their online posts often stir up mixed responses. The intent behind these journeys – volunteering, providing aid, or raising awareness – is commendable. However, ethical issues arise when these actions…

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Project Implementation Glossary: a Handy Guide

Project Implementation Glossary: a Handy Guide 640 426 Sophia Raineri

When implementing Erasmus+ projects it can be hard to get your head around the several specific terms and acronyms that are used on a daily basis, especially if you’re a newby! Hence, thanks to our extensive experience in project implementation, we decided to create a glossary for project managers to learn the most important terminology…

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Past years with Erasmus+ programme – what we got?

Past years with Erasmus+ programme – what we got? 1900 1267 AY Institute

For Erasmus+ programme, 2019 was a significant year not only for the unforgettable adventures, but also for the impressive results. The good news is that the annual report of Erasmus+ 2019 is finally here and we can see the reached results! These past years were full of memorable moments, many new friendships, adventures, non-formal activities,…

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People get the most out of Active Youth networking events sitting at a table and talking to each other

Your Network is your Net Worth: 3 tools to get the most out of Active Youth

Your Network is your Net Worth: 3 tools to get the most out of Active Youth 640 427 Sophia Raineri

We are Active Youth – a Lithuanian for-purpose organization aiming to create social, cultural, and educational impact for groups and communities in need through national and international projects, events,  youth mobilities, and training. Thanks to our constant international work, we have built a strong network of worldwide stakeholders, which we cherish with pride. We believe…

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how to make project budget in 3 steps

How to Make Project Budget in 3 Steps

How to Make Project Budget in 3 Steps 1400 912 Gedas Kondrackis

Are you also wondering how to make project budget? It might seem a daunting task. And, we feel you! That’s because there are a lot of blank spaces in project budgets at the beginning. Which might be no better than looking at an uncharted map. Gladly, there is a fool-proof way to go about this…

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Project writing for dummies cover image

Project Writing for Dummies

Project Writing for Dummies 1400 722 Gedas Kondrackis

We are sorry, but the title ‘Project Writing for Dummies’ might be slightly misleading. Interested why? Then read on. It’s not just for project writing dummies. On the contrary, some of the insights here might be very applicable to the project writing professionals as well. Because we all sometimes forget some fundamentals and basic truths,…

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How to write project proposal using a project plan

How to Write Project Proposal Better

How to Write Project Proposal Better 1400 722 Gedas Kondrackis

Lots of people are wondering how to write project proposal (in this case we will talk about project proposals for various social initiatives). Before we start discussing all dos & don’ts, let us be honest – it is not a simple thing to do. Our association has written hundreds of various project proposals, yet we…

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project proposal example

Project Proposal Example

Project Proposal Example 1400 824 Gedas Kondrackis

Project Proposal Example This post includes a project proposal example of Erasmus+ KA220 application. Our association has been writing project proposals for various EU and EEA project calls since 2014. Fortunately for us, we’ve been rather successful at that (with a funding approval rate of about 80%). So, how did we achieve that? Early on…

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People from NGOs in Lithuania

Top 6 NGOs in Lithuania

Top 6 NGOs in Lithuania 626 417 AY Institute

This post about NGOs in Lithuania was last updated in Dec 2023. This post is for those, who are either: 1) looking for a partner NGO; or 2) are willing to join an NGOs in Lithuania as staff/volunteers. First, what is an NGO? NGO in short is a non-governmental organization. It usually doesn’t seek profit…

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