project proposal example

Project Proposal Example

Project Proposal Example 768 768 Active Youth Association

Project Proposal Example Our association has been writing project proposals for various European and EEA projects since 2014. Fortunately for us we’ve been very successful at that, with funding approval rate of about 80%. We realised that there are few key things to know (in order to be successful) when applying for EU projects &…

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People from NGOs in Lithuania

Top 6 NGOs in Lithuania

Top 6 NGOs in Lithuania 626 417 Active Youth Association

This post about NGOs in Lithuania was last updated in May, 2020. The hottest NGOs in Lithuania Want to try something new and different? Free time that could be converted into some useful and engaging activities? Considering a possibility to become a part of something bigger than just your circle of friends and family? Have…

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Exchange in Turkey

Exchange in Turkey 150 150 Active Youth Association

Members of our association has been participating in youth exchange in Turkey through ‘Youth in Action’ programme. 7-days long project has been taking place in Turkey’s far east, right next to the mountain of Ararat (see the picture above). According to the participants, this part of Turkey is absolutely unique. To begin with, it is…

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