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Erasmus Resolutions for New Year

Erasmus Resolutions for New Year 1900 950 AY Institute

Erasmus resolutions for 2021

2020 has been a hell of a ride. And, it’s a fact, that most of the New Year (NY) resolutions we’ve made went up in smoke (or down the drain). However, this will not stop us from making brand new Erasmus resolutions for 2021.

We present to you 14 Erasmus resolutions for year 2021.

Our 14 Erasmus Resolutions

  1. Do our best for Erasmus+ to resume. This means staying safe and keeping other safe (wearing mask, observing quarantine rules, etc.) until it’s necessary. And, once it’s our turn to get vaccinated, we will do so with a smile (knowing Erasmus is coming back);
  2. Once possible take part in European Solidarity Corps (former EVS). That’s a life-changing decision. And, you will most likely do a lot of good for the others. After all this is what ESC is all about;
  3. Make 3 new (life-long) friends in youth exchange(s) or training course(s). What’s easier than to make friends on a project? Oh, how we are missing that already;
  4. Visit at least 5 countries. Erasmus+ mobilities are perfect for that. However, make sure to do more than just putting a check in your country bucket list. Not sure how to find Erasmus+ opportunities? Check out this post – How to find Erasmus+ Projects on Facebook;
  5. Show something new on your country’s cultural evening. Because seeing the same stuff over and over again is quite boring. I’m talking to you, Romania (“The World without Romania“);
  6. Win the “Killer” game. It’s a secret dream of every Erasmus+ participant. Make it happen this year. It’s easy – just be the best in sneaky kissing (or hugging). Important: only play this game if everyone (in the group) has been vaccinated or has covid-19 antibodies;
  7. Be the best secret-friend of all time. What can we say about this one? Be to others what you want them to be to you. Sounds cliché, but it’s the sweet truth;
  8. Get romantic during an Erasmus+ mobility. Or, perhaps fall in love! We mean, it’s a big international group of youngsters getting together for a week. Things can happen. Remember to keep it safe, though 🙂
  9. Be the last one to go to sleep in a youth exchange. You might feel tired, but (as the saying goes) best things happen after 2AM. Let us know if you agree 🙂
  10. Never be late (to activities) in at least one project. Easier said than done, but give it a try!
  11. Submit your own Erasmus+ project application. It’s easier than you think. For a start, we recommend an internship here;
  12. (For NGOs) Make a cool PIF. Because old and not updated ones suck. Take a look at this easy 3 step guide how to beat the PIF game;
  13. (For NGOs) Find quality partners and become buddies with them. Still not sure what makes a good partner, check out this explanatory post;
  14. Learn or improve a foreign language with the help of Erasmus+ mobility. Practice makes perfect!

Would you like to add anything of your own? Drop us a message & we will add it to our list of Erasmus resolutions.

By the way, Happy New Year from Lithuania! Smile & laugh – while enjoying our collection of Erasmus+ memes.

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