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3 Quick Ways to Drastically Improve Your Erasmus+ PIF

3 Quick Ways to Drastically Improve Your Erasmus+ PIF 1920 1177 EU youth exchange

This article about Erasmus+ PIF is updated in August, 2019.

It’s universal truth, but Erasmus+ deadlines are always near (thrice per year: February. April & October). This is a time to apply for funding for your projects. But, also to become partners for Erasmus+ projects of others (youth exchangs, training courses, KA2 and KA3 – you name it). For that you need Eramus+ PIF.

Hence, every time (a month or so before Erasmus+ deadlines) a massive promotion effort by European NGOs starts. Everyone is sending their Erasmus+ PIFs this way or that way. Usually, it happens on Facebook and/or via newsletters. Altough, after GDPR went into effect (in May 2018) the latter channel is used less.

How to stand out with Erasmus+ PIF?

How not to be yet another Erasmus+ PIF sender (among thousands of others)? In this post we are giving 3 quick ways to drastically improve your Erasmus+ PIF:

1) Make your Erasmus+ PIF up to date

Before Erasmus+ application would ask for 3 questions in KA1 projects (brief presentation, relevant activities/experience & key staff/persons). Since 2017 this has been reduced to only 1 (description of your organisation); however, in the 3rd call of 2019 it’s back to the same 3 questions again.

Thus, it is really annoying when someone’s Erasmus+ PIF is not how it should be. This adds a headache for your partners (since they have to inquire addtionally for the missing information). Also, you do not look professional. Think of your PIF as your CV. You would want it to be up-to-date, right? Not just that, the goal is to make it outstanding (see tips below).

If your team consists of more than 1 person, it is recommended to put your Erasmus+ PIF on HTML (have it as a webpage). This way you can do updates whenever you want and be confident that everyone will have the latest version of it. Take a look at a good example from Active Youth (Lithuania-based youth NGO).

Erasmus+ PIF on Ipad screen

2) Add a personal touch to your Erasmus+ PIF

Erasmus+ PIFs are usually dull documents. Just a table full of information. Why not change the format a bit? One idea is to add a welcome message to the top? For example:

Dear partner, thanks for being interested…

Not sure what we mean? Take a look at this cool PIF.

3) Remove the unnecessary bits

The only usable information (in Erasmus+ PIF) is usually the PIC number & the legal representative’s/contact person details. Everything else is filled-up automatically by the system (upon entering the PIC number in the application form). So why include everything to your Erasmus+ PIF? Surely, your partners do not care whether you’re from department of international affairs or foreign relationships.

Our hope is that this was useful to you. Should you want to know how to be a good Erasmus+ partner, check out this great article.

Have more tips? Let us know!