mannequins in a protest against gender-based violence

The Istanbul Convention: what is it really about?

The Istanbul Convention: what is it really about? 640 427 Sophia Raineri

The Istanbul Convention is currently a hot topic in many countries worldwide. Many myths about it have been spread, strengthening convervatives’ discontent and leading to potential withdrawals from the treaty. But what is the Istanbul Convention really about? The Istanbul Convention is a human right treaty created in 2011, and came into force in 2014…

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LGBT flag

LGBTQI+ Rights are Human Rights

LGBTQI+ Rights are Human Rights 640 359 Sophia Raineri

Today a video on Lithuanian social media showed a group of men vandalizing the rainbow flag, symbol of the LGBTQI+ community. The description and subtitles state that ‘no ideology can be higher than the concept of family […] that is the union of a man and a woman’. This statement shows just how much work…

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