Empowering Education with Game-Based Learning: The GENTLY Project


Empowering Education with Game-Based Learning: The GENTLY Project

Empowering Education with Game-Based Learning: The GENTLY Project 1200 668 AY Institute

In today’s digital age, traditional textbook-based learning methods are becoming less effective in engaging students and delivering the desired learning outcomes. Educators face challenges in adapting their instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of their students while keeping them motivated and engaged. Meanwhile, students struggle to stay focused and motivated in their learning pursuits.

Game-Based Learning as an Effective Education Tool

To address this issue, game-based learning (GBL) is gaining popularity as an effective instructional method incorporating game mechanics and principles into learning activities. GBL encourages student engagement and motivation while promoting analytical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. It can be implemented using digital or non-digital games, making it a versatile approach to learning. GBL provides students with real-world learning experiences that offer a stimulating, dynamic, and challenging environment. It also offers a tailored and contextualized learning environment that caters to the needs of different learner types. By integrating game-based learning into their teaching methodologies, educators can help students meet their learning goals while keeping them motivated and engaged.

GENTLY project

One excellent example of a game-based learning project is GENTLY – Games for Energy Efficiency Youth Literacy. This project, financed by the Erasmus+ program, aims to immerse young people in game-based learning processes and methodologies. GENTLY is dedicated to creating an innovative package of games that includes both board and online games of different levels of complexity, easy and professional. The project aims to reach as many young people as possible and educate them about climate change issues, causes, consequences, and solutions in a non-formal, playful, and joyful way.

Game-based learning is an effective way to engage and motivate students while promoting critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It provides a stimulating and dynamic learning environment tailored to different learner types’ needs. As technology evolves, game-based learning will likely become more prevalent in the education sector, offering innovative and effective solutions to the challenges educators and students face.

Learn more about the project on its webpage and Facebook.

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