project proposal example

Project Proposal Example

Project Proposal Example 768 768 Active Youth Association

Project Proposal Example Our association has been writing project proposals for various European and EEA projects since 2014. Fortunately for us we’ve been very successful at that, with funding approval rate of about 80%. We realised that there are few key things to know (in order to be successful) when applying for EU projects &…

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Erasmus project writing tips

Erasmus Project Writing: Ten Game Changer Tips

Erasmus Project Writing: Ten Game Changer Tips 1400 1087 Active Youth Association

Key things about Erasmus project writing Completing an Erasmus+ project application (KA1, KA2, KA3 or other) might seem a daunting task. No worries, you are not the only one that thinks this way. Every single project is started with a little bit of anxiety. That’s why preparation in needed. Below we give the main things…

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Europe exchange map

Erasmus+ Europe Exchange – 8 Top Facebook Groups to Find It

Erasmus+ Europe Exchange – 8 Top Facebook Groups to Find It 1250 900 Active Youth Association

8 Top Facebook Groups for Europe Exchange – Erasmus+ Are you looking for a life changing opportunity to experience amazing things abroad through Europe exchange? Have you ever heard about Erasmus+ projects? Wait, don’t worry about being graduated already or don’t hesitate if you’ve never been abroad before. You can still be chosen as a…

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