Unveiling the Erasmus+ Climate Impact: A Critical Insight

Unveiling the Erasmus+ Climate Impact: A Critical Insight 1100 629 AY Institute

Erasmus+ programme stands as a beacon of educational exchange and intercultural learning. However, it’s crucial to scrutinize not only the cultural and educational impact of Erasmus but also its environmental footprint. This blog post delves into the Erasmus+ climate footprint, shedding light on the program’s environmental implications and exploring pathways towards sustainability. About the author:…

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tvarus renginys

Events CO2 footprint: 3 steps to reduce it

Events CO2 footprint: 3 steps to reduce it 1900 1267 Gedas Kondrackis

Live events are great. Yet, they come with a caveat – much higher CO2 emissions compared to virtual events. So how to reduce events CO2 footprint? Est. read time: 4 min About the author: leading EU-based NGO, which works hard to deliver change in the way we organise events, travel and go about our daily…

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best environmental movies

Best environmental movies

Best environmental movies 1000 750 AY Institute

Active Youth Planet recommends the best movies and TV series to raise awareness about environmental issues to get inspired to take action! Est. reading time: 6 minutes   A life on our planet IMDb rating: 9.0/10 Environmental problems: deforestation, overfishing, exponential population grown Why we recommend it: one of the best environmental movies was released…

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EUKI project application dos and donts

EUKI Project Application Dos and Don’ts

EUKI Project Application Dos and Don’ts 1368 534 Gedas Kondrackis

EUKI or the European Climate Initiative – is a two-stage project call from the German Ministry of Environment. As its name suggests EUKI focuses on climate action (i.e., projects that contribute to reduced CO2 footprint, etc.). In this post, we will look into 1st stage EUKI project application. Please note, that EUKI is for European…

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