Moving towards a greener future with the “Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth” project

Moving towards a greener future with the “Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth” project

Moving towards a greener future with the “Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth” project 1200 868 AY Institute

The Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth” project, aimed at strengthening international cooperation among organizations from various countries, has successfully concluded after an impactful two-year run. This initiative was designed to combat climate change, promote environmental care, encourage sustainable development, and support the European Green Deal. Participants from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and other nations formed a robust partnership network that boosted social capital and provided unique opportunities for youth to develop essential skills within an international framework.

Survey reveals Lithuanian youth’s support for green initiatives

An integral part of the project’s success was understanding its impact on the youth’s perception and attitudes towards environmental issues. A survey conducted among Lithuanian participants revealed a strong inclination towards green initiatives. 

With 41 young people responding, there was a notable awareness and prioritization of environmental policies, particularly in the areas of manufacturing and packaging. This survey highlighted a robust interest in ecological issues among the youth, with a significant finding being the gender distribution — 22% male and 78% female, indicating a higher engagement among female participants. These insights are crucial as they underscore the effectiveness of the project’s strategy in fostering a greener future and demonstrate how educational and strategic engagements can shape environmental consciousness across Lithuania.

Empowering young people through social media

During the project, the social media campaign reached over 100,000 youngsters who immersed themselves in environmental topics. The campaign also promoted transnational cooperation to tackle climate change issues, engaging youth across all Three Seas Initiative member states. The campaign focused on simple daily life changes that young people could make in order to live plastic-free and more sustainably – from DIY ideas to avoid throwing out used materials, to simple, more eco-friendly meals to try out during dinner time. However, it was also focused on informing youngsters WHY those changes are needed, therefore they were able to delve deeper into the problems of environmental protection and climate change and learn more about how they have been affecting us (for example: did you know that climate change is exacerbating water scarcity, intensifying conflicts over dwindling resources and destabilizing communities reliant on freshwater access? That kind of information young citizens were able to learn while scrolling through social media)

Green workshops: empowering sustainable future

Another significant impact was through workshops that encouraged participants to delve deeper into the importance of green entrepreneurship, illustrating how green companies contribute to a sustainable economy and what new opportunities they open up. Participants were also introduced to the application of creative techniques for idea generation – emphasizing the importance of quickly testing and refining innovative ideas that can change the market. Moreover, the workshops addressed the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle, showing how each individual can contribute to environmental conservation and the creation of a sustainable society in their daily activities.

As the  Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth”  project wraps up, its legacy continues to inspire and motivate young people to take actionable steps toward a more sustainable future. 

The insights gained and the networks formed have laid a strong foundation for:

  • Ongoing initiatives and future collaborations
  • It has sparked a wave of environmental consciousness among the youth 
  • Demonstrated the powerful impact of collective action in addressing global challenges, ensuring that the spirit of the project will influence generations to come. 

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