EURODEMOS’ Transnational Event in Bucharest, Romania

EURODEMOS’ Transnational Event in Bucharest, Romania

EURODEMOS’ Transnational Event in Bucharest, Romania 1200 900 AY Institute

From March 20th to 24th, the vibrant city of Bucharest, Romania, was the setting for a pivotal transnational event titled “The Role of Civil Society in the EU,” under the umbrella of the international project “EURODEMOS”. This event was aimed at enlightening participants on the crucial role that civil society plays within the European Union.

The gathering kick-offed with a welcoming session, introducing the agenda of the project and fostering an immediate connection among participants through innovative ice-breaking activities. This initial interaction set a tone of friendship, essential for the collaborative learning that followed.

Throughout the event, the attendees engaged in discussions around European Citizens’ Initiatives, providing practical examples of how individuals can influence change within the EU. The program was meticulously designed to blend theory with engaging practical activities, enhancing the learning experience.

An integral part of the event was the focus on team-building exercises that not only facilitated a deeper understanding of the subject matter but also allowed participants to forge strong bonds. These activities ensured that knowledge exchange went beyond formal sessions, with participants sharing insights and learning from each other’s experiences across countries.

One of the highlights of the training was the formulation of 10 recommendations aimed at strengthening the role of civil society in the European Union. These recommendations were the result of collaborative efforts, reflecting the collective wisdom and the diverse perspectives of the participants. They serve as a testament to the event’s success in not just educating but also in empowering attendees to contribute to meaningful change.

The event concluded with a reflective session where participants shared their takeaways and insights, marking the beginning of their journey to implement what they had learned and to advocate for a stronger role of civil society within the EU.

The EURODEMOS project’s transnational event in Bucharest was a significant milestone, showcasing the power of collective action and the vital role of civil society in shaping the future of the European Union. It was not just an event and training course but a forum for exchange, learning, and inspiration.

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