GENTLY Project: 2-Year Journey in Game-Based Learning

GENTLY meeting

GENTLY Project: 2-Year Journey in Game-Based Learning

GENTLY Project: 2-Year Journey in Game-Based Learning 1200 675 AY Institute

As the GENTLY project nears its conclusion, it’s a perfect time to reflect on our nearly two-year journey—a journey filled with innovation, collaboration, and a shared passion for educating young people about climate change and environmental stewardship.

A Journey Begins: Setting the Stage in Lindau, Germany

Our story began in the historic city of Lindau, Germany. Here, representatives from diverse backgrounds and cultures converged to lay the foundation of the GENTLY project. Our kickoff meeting was more than just a formal gathering; it was a melting pot of ideas, ambitions, and a shared vision. We discussed our goals, outlined responsibilities, and set the wheels in motion for what would become a groundbreaking venture in educational gaming.

Progress and Partnership: The Second Meeting in Elche, Spain

After a year of diligent work, our second transnational meeting in Elche, Spain, marked a significant milestone. This gathering was a testament to the progress we had made and the challenges we had overcome. We reviewed our accomplishments, exchanged insights, and prepared for the crucial phases ahead. This gathering transcended mere evaluation; it was a vibrant celebration of our united dedication and a powerful affirmation of our path towards creating real-world change with our educational games.

Transnational Partners Meeting in Spain

A Year of Innovation: Creating Games for a Greener Tomorrow

The second year of the GENTLY project was nothing short of transformative. Our teams, fueled by creativity and a deep understanding of our mission, embarked on the ambitious task of creating engaging and educational games. This included board games, digital games, and specially designed games for the visually impaired. Our goal was to make learning about climate change and environmental issues not just informative but also immensely enjoyable. We believed in the power of game-based learning to inspire and educate young minds about the planet they will inherit.

Testing and Refinement: From Thessaloniki to Nicosia

Our first training session in Thessaloniki, Greece, was a pivotal moment. It was here that we first tested our games, gathering valuable feedback from participants. This feedback was instrumental in refining our games, making them more engaging, educational, and inclusive. Our second training in Nicosia, Cyprus, was dedicated to finalizing these games. We devoted countless hours to crafting each game, ensuring they were not only educational but also sources of immense joy and engagement, igniting a sense of wonder and fostering a deeper grasp of environmental matters.

Training in Greece

Sharing Our Vision: Public Events and Engagements

As we neared the end of our project, we took our mission to the public. Across our partner countries, we organized events to showcase our games and their potential in environmental education. A standout event was our game day at LCC University in Lithuania, where participants immersed themselves in our games, experiencing firsthand the joy of learning through play. These events were more than just demonstrations; they were gatherings of like-minded individuals, united in their passion for a sustainable future.

Event in Lithuania

Looking Ahead: The Final Meeting and Beyond

Now, as we prepare for our final project meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, we look back with pride and forward with hope. This final meeting isn’t just a closure; it’s a celebration of our collective achievements and a platform to discuss the future of game-based environmental education.

Through the GENTLY project, we have ignited conversations, inspired young minds, and demonstrated the power of innovative education. As we share our experiences, learnings, and achievements, we invite you to join us in this journey towards a more informed, environmentally conscious generation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we bring this inspiring chapter to a close and lay the groundwork for future endeavors. Thank you for being part of our story, a story of collaboration, innovation, and hope.

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