A Day of Eco-Action: Behind the Scenes at ‘GENTLY x Klimatosūkis: GameOn for Climate’ Event


A Day of Eco-Action: Behind the Scenes at ‘GENTLY x Klimatosūkis: GameOn for Climate’ Event

A Day of Eco-Action: Behind the Scenes at ‘GENTLY x Klimatosūkis: GameOn for Climate’ Event 1080 1080 AY Institute

On the bright morning of October 24th, a day globally recognized as the stand against environmental adversity, the corridors of LCC International University buzzed with a unique kind of excitement. It was here that eco-consciousness fused with interactive gaming at the ‘GENTLY x Klimatosūkis: GameOn for Climate’ event, marking a novel celebration of the International Day Against Climate Change.

A Day of Environmental Awareness and Community Building

As participants trickled in, the day’s agenda promised a deep dive into environmental awareness, gaming, and community building. The first part of our event was dedicated to introducing the GENTLY and Klimatosūkis projects, shining a light on their milestones and objectives. These presentations weren’t just speeches but a call to action, evoking thoughtful discussions and setting the stage for the activities ahead. 

Fun and Bonding Through Eco-Bingo

But what’s an event without some fun? Post-presentations, the atmosphere is electrified with eco-bingo! It was more than just a game; it served as a lively way to get people comfortable with each other, setting the stage for the close bonds and friendship that shaped the entire day. Laughter and chatter filled the room, signifying the first triumph of the event.

Strategy, Competition, and Education

Next was the part where everyone became deeply engaged. Participants got caught up in figuring out the strategies of the GENTLY and Klimatosūkis board games. The air was thick with concentration and spirited competition, highlighting the subtle educational undertones of these games. Parallelly, an adventurous QR code game sent participants on a scavenger hunt around the university, decoding environmental facts, and competing for eco-friendly prizes.

Virtual Reality: A Glimpse into Climate Change’s Impact

One of the day’s showstoppers was the virtual reality experience. Participants queued for a turn with the VR glasses, each person witnessing firsthand the stark realities of climate change projections for Lithuania. It was a window into the future, blending technology and environmental education, leaving a lingering impact long after the glasses were off.

Inspiring Action and Building Community

Reflecting on the flurry of activities, the event wasn’t just about play. It was about instilling a sense of urgency, an understanding, and a community spirit in facing climate change. Attendees left with more than just memories; they carried with them new insights, broader networks, and a rekindled passion for environmental advocacy.

A Brighter Future Ahead

As the day came to a close, the ‘GENTLY x Klimatosūkis: GameOn for Climate’ event proved to be more than just a day’s activities; it was a spark for making a difference, a hub for sharing thoughts, and a beginning point for continued dedication to our earth. Now, we step ahead with hope, ready to do what’s needed and chase a cleaner, brighter future.

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