Unity Through Diversity: ‘Fair Play’ in Kobuleti, Georgia

Unity Through Diversity: ‘Fair Play’ in Kobuleti, Georgia

Unity Through Diversity: ‘Fair Play’ in Kobuleti, Georgia 1200 800 AY Institute

In the small town of Kobuleti, Georgia, an international gathering recently unfolded under the Erasmus+ youth exchange “Fair Play”.  Project brought together energetic participants from Turkiye, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, and Armenia for an unforgettable experience of learning, sharing, and playing.

The primary goal of “Fair Play” was to infuse the world of sports with the values of peace, friendship, and fair competition. Participants, aged 18 to 30, dove into a myriad of activities aimed at understanding the factors that sometimes divide youth, combating discrimination, and fostering a community of respect and understanding.

The activities were as diverse as the participants themselves. From engaging in treasure hunts, dynamic presentations, and mini theatres to lively role-playing sessions.

Beyond the structured sessions, participants came together for intercultural nights, showcasing the richness of their diverse backgrounds through traditional foods, songs, and activities. These moments served not only as celebrations of cultural diversity but also as bridges connecting hearts and fostering a sense of unity.

One standout feature of the “Fair Play” exchange was its commitment to inclusivity. Participants facing various challenges, be it economic, social, geographical, or cultural, were actively involved, ensuring a truly representative and enriching experience for all.

Reflecting on the success of the exchange, it’s clear that “Fair Play” achieved its goal of creating a space for learning, sharing, and networking.

As the participants bid farewell to Kobuleti, the echoes of laughter, shared stories, and newfound friendships lingered in the air. “Fair Play” not only promoted the values of democracy, equality, and EU ideals but also succeeded in cultivating a shared European community.

In the end, the success of “Fair Play” lies not just in the games played or the lessons learned but in the enduring connections made, proving that when it comes to fostering friendship and harmony, fair play is indeed the winning strategy.

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