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7 movies that will inspire you to fight for human rights

7 movies that will inspire you to fight for human rights 900 600 Inga Vederytė

Active Youth Human recommends the best movies and TV series about human rights to learn more, gather inspiration and create change! Est. reading time: 10 minutes   Inspiration is a massive part of our everyday lives. We search for it on every corner we turn, in every cup of coffee we drink and conversation we have.…

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Ultimate project writing guide

The Complete Project Writing Guide

The Complete Project Writing Guide 1254 609 Gedas Kondrackis

We – Active Youth – have prepared lots of useful resources for project writing. However, there was no single post with everything in one place. Not until now. We are presenting to you the ultimate project writing guide. It includes all: from project planning to what to do when you are done filling-in your application.…

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Worker using Word and Excel at his computer

Word and Excel Tips for Project Writing

Word and Excel Tips for Project Writing 640 426 Active Youth

Word and Excel are helpful platforms that can be used to store different data sets and organize them efficiently. They offer a wide range of features, but most people only know the basics. Hence, we would like to share a few easy tricks that can be used on Word and Excel to improve and optimize…

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filling in CBY project application

Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building / CBY Project Application Tips

Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building / CBY Project Application Tips 1400 731 Gedas Kondrackis

Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building in the Field of Youth (CBY) projects are unique. First, they allow a very wide range of topics and activities. Second, they connect European NGOs with their peers globally (unlike other Erasmus+ project calls). However, the competition is continent-wide. So, how to beat that with your CBY project application? We at…

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Fund for youth employment bag

Fund for Youth Employment: What to know

Fund for Youth Employment: What to know 1200 219 Gedas Kondrackis

EEA and Norway Grants are once again opening applications (calling for projects) for Fund for Youth Employment. This time it is under the slogan ‘Unlocking Youth Potential’. Deadline is not far ahead: 5th of January 2021. However, worry not, there is still ample time to submit your concept note (the 1st step in the application…

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how to make project budget in 3 steps

How to Make Project Budget in 3 Steps

How to Make Project Budget in 3 Steps 1400 912 Gedas Kondrackis

Are you also wondering how to make project budget? It might seem a daunting task. And, we feel you! That’s because there are a lot of blank spaces in project budgets at the beginning. Which might be no better than looking at an uncharted map. Gladly, there is a fool-proof way to go about this…

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Project writing for dummies cover image

Project Writing for Dummies

Project Writing for Dummies 1400 722 Gedas Kondrackis

We are sorry, but the title of this post might be slightly misleading: It’s not just for project writing dummies. On the contrary, some of the insights here might be very applicable to the project writing professionals as well. Because we all sometimes forget some fundamentals and basic truths, right? What is more, we touch…

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How to write project proposal using a project plan

How to Write Project Proposal Better

How to Write Project Proposal Better 1400 722 Gedas Kondrackis

Lots of people are wondering how to write good proposals (in this case we will talk about project proposals for various social initiatives). Before we start discussing all dos & don’ts, let us be honest – it is not a simple thing to do. Our association has written hundreds of various project proposals, yet we…

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project proposal example

Project Proposal Example

Project Proposal Example 768 768 Gedas Kondrackis

Project Proposal Example Our association has been writing project proposals for various European and EEA projects since 2014. Fortunately for us we’ve been very successful at that, with funding approval rate of about 80%. We realised that there are few key things to know (in order to be successful) when applying for EU projects &…

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