This project seeks to create video content to address young adults in Lithuania to change their perspective on disadvantaged or stigmatized groups (DSG). Youth has the power to engage in the development of sustainable, equal and balanced societies. The aim of this project is to overcome the stigma by giving a voice to the marginalised people, creating the opportunity & platform for the local DSGs to speak up about the struggles they face and challenge the negative opinions that affect their personal and daily life.

The main aim of the “Through the Lense” project is to raise awareness about misrepresentation, discrimination towards disadvantaged groups and help change mindsets within the local community.


Media reports on national minorities often include a one-sided approach, creating stereotypes. The project is created to overcome the stigma by giving a voice to the marginalized people, creating the platform for the local DSGs to speak up about the struggles they face and challenge the negative opinions that affect their personal and daily life through video content.

  • A series of videos – We will be creating videos of interviews, visit days and events, sharing them on social media. The easily accessible and eye-catching content that we will produce is bound to reach a large number of viewers within the local, national and international community.
  • Visits to organizations – We also want to help local organizations that dedicate their work to help DSGs. We will visit the organizations with a group of volunteers as well as representatives of DSGs. Videos will be created about the organizations, the work they do and how they tackle the issues the DSGs face.
  • Events at schools – our aim is to educate students and other young people about the disadvantaged groups, the struggles they face and provide them with opportunities on how to support the marginalized groups. For these reasons we will be visiting schools, screening videos from visits to organizations and social experiments, running workshops, sharing circles and role-plays. We believe that young people have the opportunities and potential to build stronger and more equal society, thus providing them with the foundations of equal human rights is vital.
  • Creation of online guidelines – all the activities ran throughout the span of the project will be described and formatted into one comprehensive document. Teachers, youth workers, NGOs will be shared with these guidelines for the further use at the work they do.


For organizations that work with DSGs:

  • Be featured in one of our short video documentaries that will appear on major social media channels, while also attracting more volunteers to help with day-to-day activities\\

For volunteers in our videos:

  • Be a participant in our social experiment videos
  • Go on a “day with an organization” that works with DSGs
  • Participate in our school events/workshops

For people from DSGs:

  • Come and share your story in our videos
  • Get acquainted with all the organizations that work to support marginalized groups, find more opportunities to get involved and become more active within the local community


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Online education creator Aiste
Project Manager

Aiste Kelbauskaite

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