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IDP in Ukraine
People killed in Ukraine
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Erasmus+ Training Course in Kramatorsk, Ukraine

September 8-14, 2018

The inspiration for the Project

Thousands of people are still flocking to Europe for search of safety and better life. However, more often than not they end up in the place that does not want to use their potential, let alone welcome them. How to avoid that? Displaced people (DP) must be integrated better keeping in mind that their potential is an opportunity to grow and advance both culturally and economically. This is also true for internally displaced (2 million in Ukraine alone). Our diverse consortium of youth NGOs believes that youth work could be the main driver of integration.

Objectives of the Project

The main objectives are to:
– exchange good practices of displaced people inclusion;
– raise the qualifications and competencies of youth workers by developing new methods for displaced people inclusion;
– help local youth learn how to communicate with displaced people and lower their xenophobia;
– spread the main idea of the project to other NGOs and the general public.

Project’s Activities

  • Learning by doing (e.g. visiting IDPs communities in Kramatorsk where social activities with the residents would be made);
  • knowledge sharing (Stanislav Kozhynk from Tyzhden News paper presenting situation in news papers);
  • public debate with local NGO’s in Ukraine;
  • helping the IDPs through (public CV clinic for the unemployed, food bank activities, social competences improving);
  • learning together with the migrants community (traditional games from Ukraine; living library workshops; world café discussion with them; story sharing, etc.);
  • participants’ self-made workshops (e.g. open space technology workshops in displaced people communities);
  • public event “Hello Europe” in Donbas State Machine-Building Academy.

Humans of Donbas:

“Humans of Donbas” initiative is part of Erasmus+ Training Course “A Million Voices” which was held in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Here are 10 amazing untold stories from the war in the east of Ukraine.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Kaunas, Lithuania

November 10-18, 2018

Project's Participants

36 active people from 6 different countries (Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy) came to the second part of the project which was held in Kaunas, Lithuania. During the youth exchange, youth have learned about migrant communities, how to communicate with them and integrate them better through social activities. They got to know how displaced people are fleeing and what integration problems they face when in Europe. At the same time, they have shared about their culture and traditions with one another. Moreover, the participants have learned how to get & share positive stories about migrants in the media.

Project’s Activities

  • In info session participants were interactively introduced about migrant situation across the EU and locally
  • Participants got a chance to do a field research about DP situation conflict in Ukraine
  • World Cafe – discussions in a non-formal environment on the issues of the DP situation
  • Participants attended a brainstorming session, where they came up with the ideas how to promote inclusion of DP
  • Pub quiz activity of learning about still ongoing war in Ukraine and victims of the conflict
  • A guest speaker Jonas Ohman from “Blue/Yellow” organization and two soldiers from Ukraine arrived and shared their own personal experiences from the front line
  • “Take a step forward” workshop allowed participants to perceive better how people from the war zone feel
  • An interactive workshop about prejudices was aimed to break the stereotypes about DP
  • Participants in groups were creating the big idea challenge about social entrepreneurship and later on the most relevant initiative were represented in Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project’s Success

Project “A million voices” proved to be a success. This mobility promoted a new attitude towards youth work and significant strategies for inclusion. Also, it inspired a collaboration between participating organisations and participating youth/youth workers. Furthermore, this project showed the importance of developing useful ideas and methods in order to foster integration process for migrants, refugees, DP.

Naturally, skills such as cultural awareness have been acquired as people from diverse backgrounds were learning and mingling together. All the participants learned how to discuss with others, express their opinion and views to a large audience, present credible arguments, as well as get more self-esteem. Of course, as participants have learned about various migrant-related problems all around Europe and initiatives to integrate them – they became more active and socially aware themselves.

Project’s material:

Here can be seen particular places which participants were visiting

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