Check Your Privilege: Participant Experience

Check Your Privilege: Participant Experience

Check Your Privilege: Participant Experience 1900 1292 AY Institute
In this blog post, I will talk about my experience with the Erasmus+ project named ‘Check Your Privilege’. The project started 4th of October and I went to the place on the 3rd of October (as it was arrival day). In general, it was quite an amazing experience, but you can see the details below. My point to the project is 9.6/10.

First, I arrived at the place (Domus Pacis), and I met with Greta the facilitator. She is an amazing woman; she was confident and friendly from the very beginning of the project till the end of the project. She helped us so much in any matter, whenever we had problems with anything in the project, or the place we lived, she managed to solve the problem immediately. My point to facilitators is 10/10.

Second, the participants; I met with many people with amazing backgrounds, and knowledge, and understanding of life. In my life, I love meeting new people and the project was amazing from my perspective. The organizations who found these participants, made a really great job so far because I can say that the people who participated are fascinating people, I felt no exclusion, I felt friendship and respect with participants. They were amazing people, I will meet them in the future, we built amazing friendships together. We are still in contact with many of the participants. Participants in general were amazing people with amazing ideas about the project and the concept. My point to participants is 9.5/10.

Third, the activities; The activities were well established and planned. During activities, I have never felt disturbed, or bad. Activities were excessively good for the objective of the project and the aims. With activities, I started to think more about the privileges that I have and how lucky I am. I can say easily that I liked the activities and I felt good during activities. My point to the activities is 9.5

In general, the Check Your Privilege project helped me to see different cultures and different ideas. Different ideas and cultures are necessary to find the perfect solution for problems and obstacles in life. When I see the different perspectives and solution ideas for a project, I see that there is not only one right or one truth about a topic. As Fuharn Eiroli says, “The black is necessary to understand of the white, the evil is necessary to understand the good, the wrong is necessary to understand what is right…”. We need more ideas, we need to discuss our ideas, we need every idea to do the right thing.

As a pessimistic person, I can say that the future will be ours (youth) to live and the change in a good way. We can make the world a better place, we have the energy, we have power, we have the possibility to make the world a better place. We are youth, we are united, the future is ours. We are stronger when we are united.

Greetings from Turkey!

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