Hundred Cities
Hundred years of Independence

The Challenge

This year Lithuania celebrates 100 years of restored independence

For this occasion, 100 treasures with different stories about Lithuania are hidden in 100 different cities all around the world! Vilnius, Amsterdam, Tegucigalpa, Los Angeles, Rome, Dakar, Marrakesh and 93 more…

Yes, me too! For that you will need to travel. Sometimes far, sometimes not really. Best thing to do now is to take a look at our interactive map below and see which of the treasures are the easiest for you to find. We give not just the locations, but also hints on where we’ve hidden them.

All the treasures include a (fun) story or fact about Lithuania, as well as some goodies from our beautiful country. You will surely not regret putting the effort. I mean who doesn’t like a good adventure? And, who wouldn’t love getting a free trip to Lithuania? Yes, this is the prize (and everyone, who will share a photo of the found treasure, will be the contender).

Yay, congratulations! 2018 is important for Lithuania and we would be very happy if you could join this initiative and celebrate together with us. Please share the photo of the treasure you’ve found on Facebook and/or Instagram. Or, simply send it over to us & we will share it. Don’t forget to use our hashtag#100years100cities.

At the end of 2018 two lucky ones (randomly chosen), who shared the picture, will get a free trip to Lithuania and amazing time with Active Youth Association! Take a look at the gallery of all the contenders below.

We will randomly select two winners at 12:00 (GMT +2) on the 2nd of January, 2019. They will be announced on our Facebook, Instagram and this page. We will also personally contact them via email or phone (unless we don’t have those details).




*We will hide all the treaures over the course of the year.


Found treasures


The treasures are hidden & hints how to find them

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We have received: mineral water “Žalia giria” (0,25l) – 100 bottles

We have received: 14 pens, 20 bracelets, 20 stickers, 10 wooden tabs.