Training course “Make Love Speech” took place in Kaunas, Lithuania on 13-23 May of 2017. The project was carried out under European Youth Foundation framework.
The purpose of the project “Make Love Speech” was to enhance participants’ (30 Lithuanians in total) knowledge of the issue of hate speech, facilitate their understanding of the importance of human right education and show them how they can use love speech to make an impact on the local situation.

Project number: 9029.1.PA.2017


The project had the following objectives:

  1. to improve participants knowledge of the issue of hate speech, human rights education and legal tools that they can use to protect victim’s rights;
  2. to create new solutions for preventing hate speech, build social awareness about mischievousness of words, fight with social indifference and create aware citizens;
  3. to teach participants new tools and methods, which could later be used by them to make a positive impact towards tolerance in the local society;
  4. to turn “Make Love Speech” into movement in Lithuania and to organize further activities to increase general public’s awareness of the existing problems of hate speech, racism, and discrimination. Click here to see the facebook page of the movement.

Webpage in Lithuanian

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