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Youth Exchange “Together we can R.E.A.C.H.”

Youth Exchange “Together we can R.E.A.C.H.” 4096 2730 EU youth exchange

The project born from the analysis made by a group of young people, that shows the decrease of new handcraft enterprises in the last 3 years but at the same time, recent studies show that the employment of handcraft jobs will increase in the next 10 years and they will be the most wanted jobs.…

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erasmus+ donbase

Erasmus+ in Donbas

Erasmus+ in Donbas 1920 1080 EU youth exchange

We’ve visited a war zone Just a few days ago a group of European Youth have witnessed the reality of the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine. They have been there on a mission to meet local organisations & youngsters, restore children playgrounds and teach English. As well as to promote EU’s cultural programme Erasmus+. According…

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erasmus+ PIF

3 Quick Ways to Drastically Improve Your Erasmus+ PIF

3 Quick Ways to Drastically Improve Your Erasmus+ PIF 1920 1177 EU youth exchange

This article about Erasmus+ PIF is updated in January, 2020. It’s universal truth, but Erasmus+ deadlines are always near (thrice per year: February. April & October). This is a time to apply for funding for your projects. But, also to become partners for Erasmus+ projects of others (youth exchangs, training courses, capacity building, KA2 and…

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good erasmus partner

What makes a good Erasmus partner?

What makes a good Erasmus partner? 960 530 EU youth exchange

Good Erasmus partner for your project proposal? In this post we are uncovering seven key aspects for a good Erasmus partner: It has to be a leading youth NGO (in the country) with a huge member base & following on social networks (for example: Active Youth has 16k+ followers on FB alone); The partner must have a…

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“Everyone Welcome” – Refugee integration badge

“Everyone Welcome” – Refugee integration badge 1120 1132 EU youth exchange

To ensure cross-sectoral cooperation between youth, youth workers, refugees and entrepreneurs, Association “Active Youth” together with other local & international partners have created a special recognition badge “Everyone Welcome”. This badge is dedicated to organisations or/and individuals who actively help out refugees in various ways, be it social, financial, job-offers, etc. Our aspiration is that…

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Young Lithuanians & Latvians engage the refugee community in the Baltics

Young Lithuanians & Latvians engage the refugee community in the Baltics 2048 1367 EU youth exchange

Since August 2015, more than one million refugees have entered the European Union (EU). Thousands of them entered to Europe through Italy or Greece hoping to settle and build a new life after experiencing conflicts & violence in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq. Therefore, many asylum seekers were transferred to other EU member countries. In order to…

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EntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre

EntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre 630 473 EU youth exchange

Youth unemployment remains one of the biggest problems in EU: over 6 million young people are currently unemployed [Eurostat], all these are youths at higher risk of being socially alienated and those who face obstacles on the way to transfer their capital into social capital of Europe. To combat this issue and enable environment for…

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Training Course “Let’s Go 4 Games!”

Training Course “Let’s Go 4 Games!” 1920 1280 EU youth exchange

Games don’t have to be just fun – they can be also used as an effective tool for personal and social development of youngsters as well as promoting the changes in society. There is still a lot of undiscovered and unused potential in games that can help to tackle very serious issues and problems in…

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Storytelling advances intercultural diversity

Storytelling advances intercultural diversity 1086 724 EU youth exchange

Training course “Storytelling advances intercultural diversity” (Acronym: SAID) took place in Vienna, Austria. Below you can find testimony made by the participants (Paula, Domantė and Youssef) of the project: “It all started on a Sunday morning 18th of March 2018. We met at the conference room in the Brigittenau Youth Palace Hostel in Vienna and…

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TC “Gen Z, stay tuned!”in Poland!

TC “Gen Z, stay tuned!”in Poland! 150 150 EU youth exchange

Training course “Gen Z, stay tuned!” was in Przecznica, Poland 7th-15th December 2017. Together 24 participants from 8 Programme countries. All these youth workers get knowledge about media and advertisements background, critical thinking, fact-checking, financial literacy and all other topics related to the question “How are we manipulated in modern world”. And most importantly, all…

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