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Together for Diversity

Together for Diversity 1180 885 Active Youth Association

Together for Diversity is a project supportedand funded by the National Agency Erasmus + Youth in Action. In partnership with 7 organizations – Youth Senate Tallinn (Estonia), Associazione PrimOlio (Italy), Epeka Slovenia (Slovenia), Globers (Spain), Active Youth (Lithuania), Youth Senate Strumica (Macedonia) and Just do it (Poland), Águeda Youth Center received in Águeda, 48 young…

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DIY PHOTOGRAPHY – Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

DIY PHOTOGRAPHY – Erasmus+ Youth Exchange 150 150 Active Youth Association

  This picture is the reason why Erasmus+ project “DIY PHOTOGRAPHY” happened! Yes, this one! Can you believe it? Well, believe it then! 😀 This is not just a picture- it’s much more than that! It’s the moment captured from one of the highest peaks in Madeira island. I took this picture with my self-made…

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Y.E.E.H. (Youth Entrepreneurship Education Heroes)

Y.E.E.H. (Youth Entrepreneurship Education Heroes) 150 150 Active Youth Association

The Creativity and Entrepreneurial Education Training Course for European Youth Workers     30 youth workers from 10 European Youth organizations discovered how they can design experiential and creative learning contexts in entrepreneurial education for the “Missing Entrepreneurs”. The intensive course proposed by Civitas Mileto Association is part of the international project – Y.E.E.H. (Youth…

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erasmus resolutions

Erasmus Resolutions for New Year

Erasmus Resolutions for New Year 2000 1000 Active Youth Association

Erasmus resolutions for 2020 With every New Year (NY) people all around the world make NY resolutions. You might love or hate them, but the fact is a fact: they are here to stay. Therefore, Lithuania-based active youth (active in Erasmus+ programme, that is) decided to compile a special list. Yes, you’ve guessed it right!…

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Youth Exchange “Together we can R.E.A.C.H.”

Youth Exchange “Together we can R.E.A.C.H.” 4096 2730 Active Youth Association

The project born from the analysis made by a group of young people, that shows the decrease of new handcraft enterprises in the last 3 years but at the same time, recent studies show that the employment of handcraft jobs will increase in the next 10 years and they will be the most wanted jobs.…

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Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship 150 150 Active Youth Association

Between August 20 and 29 was developed Active Citizesnhip project, 2018-1-RO01-KA105-048936, funded by the Erasmus+ programme coordinated by Asociatia Be You together with Asociacija Aktyvus Jaunimas Lithuania, European Youth Centre Breclav Czech Republic,Cool Youth Macedonia, General Workers Union Malta, Associação Academia Cidadã Portugal and Youthfully Yours SR Slovakia. The Training Course tackled the theme of…

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erasmus+ donbase

Erasmus+ in Donbas

Erasmus+ in Donbas 1920 1080 Active Youth Association

We’ve visited a war zone Just a few days ago a group of European Youth have witnessed the reality of the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine. They have been there on a mission to meet local organisations & youngsters, restore children playgrounds and teach English. As well as to promote EU’s cultural programme Erasmus+. According…

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erasmus+ PIF

3 Quick Ways to Drastically Improve Your Erasmus+ PIF

3 Quick Ways to Drastically Improve Your Erasmus+ PIF 1920 1177 Active Youth Association

This article about Erasmus+ PIF is updated in January, 2020. It’s universal truth, but Erasmus+ deadlines are always near (thrice per year: February. April & October). This is a time to apply for funding for your projects. But, also to become partners for Erasmus+ projects of others (youth exchangs, training courses, capacity building, KA2 and…

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good erasmus partner

What makes a good Erasmus partner?

What makes a good Erasmus partner? 960 530 Active Youth Association

Good Erasmus partner for your project proposal? In this post we are uncovering seven key aspects for a good Erasmus partner: It has to be a leading youth NGO (in the country) with a huge member base & following on social networks (for example: Active Youth has 16k+ followers on FB alone); The partner must have a…

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“Everyone Welcome” – Refugee integration badge

“Everyone Welcome” – Refugee integration badge 1120 1132 Active Youth Association

To ensure cross-sectoral cooperation between youth, youth workers, refugees and entrepreneurs, Association “Active Youth” together with other local & international partners have created a special recognition badge “Everyone Welcome”. This badge is dedicated to organisations or/and individuals who actively help out refugees in various ways, be it social, financial, job-offers, etc. Our aspiration is that…

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