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Presentation about Peace at War project.

Peace at War: a project about peace-building

Peace at War: a project about peace-building 1200 900 Greta Kunickytė

On the 27th of September 2022, a group of workers interested in peacebuilding got together to attend a presentation on the Peace at War project, funded by the EU Erasmus+ program. The presentation centered around the description of the Training Course and the Youth Exchange that took place between Vilnius and Kaunas during May. The…

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Misija Sibiras: an example of root connection and liberation

Misija Sibiras: an example of root connection and liberation 1900 1425 Greta Kunickytė

As part of our training for the Peace at War project, we had the pleasure of having Misija Sibiras as one of our guests. Misija Sibiras was a project created by young people in Lithuania to recognize their country’s history. Many Lithuanians were deported to Siberia during World War II to work in the fields.…

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Volunteering for peace

Volunteering for peace 2048 1536 Greta Kunickytė

Within our “Peace at War” project, we enjoyed working with people from Georgia, Lithuania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Cyprus and Sweden. Unfortunately, most of these countries have very present and recent wars in history, some being babies of war. This internal conflict has grown with them through the stories of their families and the culture of their…

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Help from the Integration Department for Ukrainians

Help from the Integration Department for Ukrainians 624 481 Greta Kunickytė

In our training course “Peace at War”, we were fortunate to have the visit of Arturas Gromovas, a worker of the Integration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and responsible for the section dedicated to the care of Ukrainian refugees. Due to its proximity to Ukraine, Lithuania has been…

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Ukraine war from two young refugees women in Lithuania

Ukraine war from two young refugees women in Lithuania 1900 1425 Greta Kunickytė

The invasion began on February 24, 2022, on three fronts (to the north, across the Belarusian border; to the east, across the border with Russia; and to the south, from Crimea, the peninsula that Russia invaded and illegally annexed in 2014 and in which an active conflict has been going on ever since). But the…

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Active participation can improve our mental health during wartime.

Active participation can improve our mental health during wartime. 1366 768 Greta Kunickytė

Living in the 21st century has many advantages, such as the rise of interculturalism, the fight for gender equality, the defence of human rights, awareness of the importance of mental and physical health, youth movements and global connections. These advantages have arisen in response to social problems that we have been suffering from, for instance,…

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Work-Fever 1094 744 Greta Kunickytė

A dream job – mission impossible when you are young? We think the exact opposite. Unfortunately, nowadays young people usually do not have enough work experience and savings that could become a kind of “safety cushion” that allows them to survive a period of difficulties. Therefore, young people are one of the vulnerable groups of…

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Guess the drug

Guess the drug 842 1056 Greta Kunickytė

Did you know that after the first hour of cocaine use, a person’s risk of heart attack increased nearly 24 times, moreover cocaine was involved in nearly one in five overdose deaths or that methamphetamine addiction was one of the most harmful drugs when it comes to physical appearance, for example, only 23% had all…

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Cyber ​​Bullying – Can We Stop It?

Cyber ​​Bullying – Can We Stop It? 1900 1267 Greta Kunickytė

We are increasingly hearing the term disinformation. It is information that is deliberately intended to mislead, to present false information. In the case of cyberbullying, it often becomes a tool to humiliate. 2020 Statistics on cyberbullying show that more than 30% of students in Lithuania have been victims of online aggression. In addition, the global…

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Quiz: How Prepared are You for a Job Search?

Quiz: How Prepared are You for a Job Search? 1000 707 Greta Kunickytė

Start quiz Continue Complete the form below to see results Your name : Your e-mail : I agree that my data will be stored & used to provide me with Erasmus+ offers & educational resources. Show results Skip and Show results Looking for a job? Check StartupCV to find the best job offers from the…

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