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Active Youth has been actively involved in local and international projects (among them Erasmus+, ESF, EEA Grants and others) since its very inception. Up until now, the organization has successfully implemented (getting just the highest scores from the evaluators) more than 65 separate project actions on its own (and several times that as a partner). What is more, our NGO has built up a large partnership network all over Europe (more than 200 organisations).

The project aimed to promote partnerships between public administrations and the local community, creating an inclusive environment in which the creativity, motivation and competencies of youth are harnessed.
Young managers of effective career development is about giving young people a real opportunity to increase their employability with a view to sustainable labour market integration, thus boosting overall youth employment rates.
The main goal of this project is to make sure that NGOs and young people are aware of the successful means of integration through youth work and understand their ability to help the DP through various (social) activities.
The main aim of the project was to boost youngsters’ empathy, respect and social responsibility concerning older generations, as well as help to tackle the problem of elderly isolation.
This project aimed to enhance youth workers knowledge about different research methods, setting up and running research studies to boost their performance at work.
Project’s mission was to create ideas on how to be more sustainable and live your life more eco-friendly.
Project’s mission was to promote cycling as a healthy, sustainable and fun alternative to the car.
Project’s mission was to change the approach to- and opinion about people from countryside, minimize negative stereotypes towards them and reduce the ensuing social exclusion.
The purpose of the project "Make Love Speech" was to enhance participants’ (30 Lithuanians in total) knowledge of the issue of hate speech, facilitate their understanding of the importance of human right education and show them how they can use love speech to make an impact on the local situation.
Project’s mission was to rethink the youth's role in urban planning.
Art over Problems
Project’s mission was to provide youth with new skills/tools for solving social problems by using visual arts.
This training course was aiming to teach youth workers how to employ digital tools & methods to become more efficient at what they do, better reach the target audiences.
The project looked for ways to promote an alternative approach to education, personal decision making and governance. Youth analysed how happiness impacts creativity, productivity and learning outcomes. They have practised that by creating their own NFE activities for others.
The project has consisted of two actions: training course & youth exchange. During the 1st one, youth workers have come up with means to teach youth on how to be better learners and users of foreign languages. While the 2nd action has tested the created resources.
The project included an international meeting of politicians and youth in the Foreign Affairs’ Ministry of Lithuania. During the meeting, the ways for Eastern Partnership youth to get involved were analysed and best ideas shortlisted. These were then made available for the relevant institutions and organisations across the participating countries.
In the youth exchange participants discussed ways to reduce food waste. 4 R’s were analysed: recycling, reusing, reducing and recover.
The project sought to encourage youth to be more active in society while taking part in volunteering programs, youth organizations, social actions, initiatives, entrepreneurship activities, etc.
Time to act
The project was part of the European Youth week of 2015 and had its goals aligned with the ones of the Week. The participating youth have taken part in the events taking place all over the city of Kaunas and has also held a session in the municipality. Ideas for higher youth participation were shared were with the local policymakers.
Project has consisted of two actions: training course & youth exchange. During the 1st one, youth workers have come up with means to teach youth on how to start a social business (starting from the basic ideas, marketing, sales and finishing with the actual business plans). While the 2nd action has tested the created resources.
Youth exchange has gathered youngsters from 6 countries to discuss discrimination and ways to reduce it. This included all kinds of intolerance: sexual-orientation, racial, religious, etc. A few prominent guest speakers were invited, which has helped to identify what is necessary for more inclusion.
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