Guess the drug

Guess the drug

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Did you know that after the first hour of cocaine use, a person’s risk of heart attack increased nearly 24 times, moreover cocaine was involved in nearly one in five overdose deaths or that methamphetamine addiction was one of the most harmful drugs when it comes to physical appearance, for example, only 23% had all of their natural teeth and it caused sometimes death, even on the first try?

There is no doubt that drug use—including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, even Inhalants —among adults is on the rise. It was revealed that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, drug use had increased. Currently, young people can feel a lot of pressure: as you need to build careers, buy homes, get married, have kids, especially now COVID-19 has magnified the stress. So some young people try to come to drugs to escape from reality or just to cope with everything. 

Give Hugs not Drugs – training course aiming to strengthen the competencies of youth workers in finding adequate approaches to fostering the inclusion and empowerment of young drug addicts. We decided to organize a „Guess the Drug“ game in the office with our staff members.

The goal of the event was to teach AY staff about specific drugs and to raise awareness about the effects of drugs. Rules for the ‘Guess the Drug’ game were: 

  • Each participant (without reading) pulled out a piece of paper with the name of the psychotropic substance on it.
  • Leaflets were placed on the forehead of the participants.
  • Hints that were suitable for drugs written on leaflets were distributed.
  • Participants tried to guess which hints belonged to them and what drug was written on their foreheads

By the end of the game not only participants learnt the names of different groups of drugs, but also what dangerous health effects they can have on our baddies. 

Unfortunately, anyone can become addicted to alcohol or drugs nowadays, no one is protected from that, but there are different ways we can raise people’s awareness about this problem, as result, it can have a significant impact on individuals and aid in the battle against substance addiction on a number of levels.

  • Firstly, it can provide people with knowledge which are necessary to avoid dangerous situations and information to make healthier personal choices without taking risks.
  • Secondly, it can help with creating personal strategies for avoiding both negative peers and the inherent social pressures associated with substance use in social scenarios. Now it’s considered to be a well-known problem, especially among teenagers.

Becoming aware of the drugs’ damages and how they may personally impact a person suffering from them is critical. Being able to identify consequences decreases the potential to place oneself in a risky position, later on, which can decrease the current amount of usage and death because of drugs among youth.




Greta Kunickytė

Project manager at Active youth

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