Hope Not Hate

20 th – 28 th June 2019 in Łódź, Poland

Hope Not Hate

Hope Not Hate 150 150 Active Youth Association

The Erasmus+ Youth Exchange ‘Hope Not Hate’ took place from 20 th – 28 th June 2019 in Łódź, Poland. In partnership with the youth organisation Voice 4 Diversity, the project consisted of 36 participants from the UK, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Turkey. ‘Hope Not Hate’ used methods of non-formal education to discuss the causes and effects of discrimination on a Europe-wide scale, followed by developing solutions to the issue. The following objectives were laid out to ensure that participants gained a thorough understanding of the topic of discrimination:
– To understand what discrimination is and the various forms it may take;
– To recognise the causes of discrimination, and how it may manifest in different situations (e.g. at home, in the workplace, in public);
– To analyse the consequences of discrimination on individual, local, national and international scales, achieved by comparing how project participants have been affected by this issue themselves;
– To assess the attempts made by individuals, organisations and governments across Europe in combatting discrimination, discussing the effectiveness of each;
– To develop participants’ own ideas around how to combat discrimination and;
– To promote intercultural understanding, tolerance and acceptance between participants and wider society both during and beyond the youth exchange.

The project was a great success, with participants being actively engaged throughout. We also had a day trip to Warsaw, which everyone enjoyed as they could learn more about Polish culture and history. At the end of the project, participants created campaign videos aimed at combating discrimination:

Negative Stereotypes

Religion-Based Discrimination

Gender-Based Discrimination

Sexuality-Based Discrimination

Also, our talented videographers Ryan Bowen and Bartek Pasierbek created these videos, which
summarise the project:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7