EntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre

EntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre

EntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre 630 473 Active Youth Association

Youth unemployment remains one of the biggest problems in EU: over 6 million young people are currently unemployed [Eurostat], all these are youths at higher risk of being socially alienated and those who face obstacles on the way to transfer their capital into social capital of Europe.

To combat this issue and enable environment for providing such youth with training in the field of social youth entrepreneurship with a special focus on cultural management, Association “Active Youth”, together with 8 organisations from 3 different continents partnered up for the project “EuntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre” (EU4YOU).

As the starting point of the project, our members at the end of January, 2018, participated in Kick off meeting merged with a Capacity building seminar. During the activity the member of participating organisations improved their social and cultural entrepreneurship skills. Also, they set the plans for: 1) future workshops to be held in local environments; 2) methodology on fostering social and cultural entrepreneurship amongst yougsters.

During 2-year long partnership, Association “Active Youth” will carry out a number of local workshops on social and cultural entrepreneurship, which will improve youth’s access to the labour market. The youth participating in local workshops will gain crucial skills and learn how to apply the principles of project management to put their startup ideas into practice. Critical thinking and ability to work in a team while tackling social issues in a multi-disciplinary way will be fostered.

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