Training Course “Let’s Go 4 Games!”

Training Course “Let’s Go 4 Games!”

Training Course “Let’s Go 4 Games!” 1920 1280 Active Youth Association

Games don’t have to be just fun – they can be also used as an effective tool for personal and social development of youngsters as well as promoting the changes in society. There is still a lot of undiscovered and unused potential in games that can help to tackle very serious issues and problems in society – like fear from the “others”, hate, discrimination, oppression, exclusion.

Hence the project “Let’s Go 4 Games!” was initiated in Uitdam/Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 5-13 March 2018

The general idea of this project is to contribute to increasing the impact and quality of youth work by developing the competences of 29 youth workers from 14 Programme countries on using games as an effective tool for value-based education and inclusion.

The project was financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


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