Training course “YOUTHPASS Expanded”!

Training course “YOUTHPASS Expanded”!

Training course “YOUTHPASS Expanded”! 150 150 EU youth exchange


YOUTHPASS is the only European Certificate for non-formal learning.

The organisation SEAL CYPRUS hosted in Larnaca from 18- 26 November the international training course “Youthpass Expanded” for youth workers from 9 countries- Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

The training course “Youthpass Expanded” was about the validation of non-formal learning and its value for the employment of the youth. Today, the young people can obtain a Youthpass certificate only with their participation in Erasmus+/ Youth activities such as Youth Exchanges, Mobility of Youth Workers and European Voluntary Service.

The ultimate goal of the partners involved in the project is to extend the validation of non-formal learning beyond Erasmus Plus.

On Wednesday 22 November the participants visited the Europe Direct Information Center of the city of Larnaca where they were informed about the European Vocational Skills Week.

The Cyprus Commissioner for Volunteerism and non-governmental Organizations, Mr. Yiannis Giannaki, met with the delegates of the Youth Organizations on Thursday, November 23. The purpose of the meeting was to acquaint the participants with the work of the non-governmental sector in Cyprus and to discuss the significance of the competences gained through volunteerism.

The training course was supported by the European Programme Erasmus+/ Youth.

Photos of the project participants can be seen HERE!