“MEGAPHONE” Training Course!

“MEGAPHONE” Training Course!

“MEGAPHONE” Training Course! 150 150 EU youth exchange


The four days in Vienna was a great experience. The Mladiinfo received us with a warm welcome. The Training course was focused on Communication, Media design and digital tools for us to give more visibility and awareness to the NGO’s we are working with. The training courses were a complete package of information and tools that surely are going to help us improve the public relations and communication of our Ngo’s.

For four days we exchanged and learned new cultures, values, life experiences shared by enthusiastic youngsters from 9 different countries. On the cultural night all countries presented their country and we learned to learn. All the activities created a natural group bond and all participants felt included.  The training course was intensive but variously which made it an enriching experience.  The course content gave a broad overview of what is needed to know regarding the topics discussed.

The social media related courses were very helpful and interesting. Our age group grows up with the use of social media every day. Why it has become such a big part of our daily lives is very interesting to find out. Facebook has much more personal information about all the people using it, which gives them an advantage on reaching an audience that no government or big organization has on the same scale. This advantage can be freely used by NGO’s by knowing how Facebooks algorithms work.

The Mladiinfo Austria is a very enthusiastic team of volunteers who really want to share their professional knowledge to for use in a professional manner as well. They provided us with a complete package of all the practical information to start changing the course of our NGO’s. All of these matters were supported with practical real life examples of how they like to use it.
Story telling was an important part of the course content because the visuals and tools do not make an impact by themselves. Storytelling makes people emotionally connected to the message you want to address.

To be able to experience an Erasmus+ training course with the beautiful city of Vienna as it’s scenery The city has a lively, multicultural and modern atmosphere which we were able to discover during the free time. We experienced the museums, Austria’s national day, good food and Austrians autumn weather.  The accommodation was well arranged and well located. The building the courses took place was very authentic, open and warm and we were surrounded with its historic marks.

In the end the question remains… Can we speak louder?

Yes, we can and we will not hold back!