Carnival of Cultures


Carnival of Cultures

1500 555 EU youth exchange

17 – 28 February, 2017, youth from seven European countries were gathered during the Carnival of the city. 46 people from Poland, Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Lithuania were working and living together during 10 days.

Main aim of this project was to foster inclusion of young people with cultural differences in the process of developing common European identity based on exchanging their own cultural values and traditions. Project contributed to increasing cultural awareness and expression of participants, emphasized the importance of learning and borrowing from other cultures, enhanced creativity as well as promoted diversity and common values of freedom, tolerance and respect.

Participants had a common goal: perform a theater show on Samobor’s main square at the end of the project, during the period of Samobor carnival, one of the oldest and most famous carnivals in Croatia. Through costume design, scenography, theater and painting workshops, they created a scenario for their final performance.

Being engaged in an Erasmus+ Program allows them to feel more connected to students from different nationalities. Indeed, working in a cross-cultural environment is an opportunity to discover new cultures and create a common European identity.