Awakening European Awareness

Awakening European Awareness

Awakening European Awareness 150 150 EU youth exchange

From 20 to 27 March, Società Cooperativa Galileo, will host in Sorbo San Basile (Italy), AEA: Awakening European Awareness, a youth exchange that will involve 36 young people coming from Italy, UK, Greece, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey, aged 18-30.

The focus of the project is the European Union and its many aspects.

AEA: Awakening European Awareness is promoted by Agenzia Nazionale Giovani (Italian National Agency) and Erasmus+ Program.

The specific objectives are:

– Knowledge of the different European cultures;

– Breaking of national stereotypes;

– Knowledge of the role of the European institutions;

– Knowledge of the European legal system;

– Knowledge of the initiative of European citizens;

– Knowledge of social, economic, cultural, variables related to problems in local and international contexts

– Spread of knowledge of the history of the European Union and its institutions, from the birth to the present day (focus on Brexit and Turkey’s situation);

– To value the importance of democracy and participatory democratic system;

– Increase awareness of social and civil issues;

– Inform about the tools that the EU has taken and is taking to promote its policies;

– Initiate a reflection on the issues of the common good and active citizenship;

– Strengthen the knowledge and skills of young people;

– Acquisition of a greater awareness of their own cultural identity;

– Promoting non-formal learning, especially the one of other languages;

– Encourage the exchange of young Europeans ideas and expertise;

– Promote social inclusion.

The topic requires not only the formal knowledge, but also reflection on values and attitudes, non-formal education will be used in an informal and multicultural environment and the activities will be carried out with the non-formal learning method.