Poland and Their Digitalising Strategies


Poland and Their Digitalising Strategies

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Polish strategy to gain likes for 4YOUth

Polish team decided that the best strategy to collect likes is buzz marketing. Each member of the group has a task to tell at least two people about the organization, projects that it realizes and youth exchange “Let’s Digitalize Youth Organizations”. This kind of marketing is effective, because when you are talking to people in person you are 100% sure that they heard your message, not skipped it or scroll it down as usually on Facebook. Members of Polish team try to find people, who can be really interested in 4YOUth and its activities, so people, who can be future participants of projects and youth exchanges. This strategy lead to gaining not the biggest amount of likes, but definitely the most quality one – because they come from people, who are really interested in 4YOUth activities. Generally, Polish team believes that personal contact is the best way to influence people and that quality should be over quantity.

Social Media Campaign in Poland

One of the most surprising marketing campaigns last time in Poland was what happened with Cacao DecoMorreno. Everything started with innocent post on Facebook.


This woman asked if somebody knows more books written by author DecoMorreno. Of course DecoMorreno is not a writer, but the brand of cacao, however people realized that its very similar to book cover and they started to make jokes about that, answering that books of this author are really great and in good taste.

Later review of the book “The best quality” written by Cacao DecoMorreno occurred on the most popular reading portal in Poland.



Quickly it gained in popularity. People started to write more and more reviews.


“The best quality” by Cacao DecoMorreno became the best book on the portal. Later another Polish media started to talk about this joke. Many posts on Facebook and Twitter appeared. In this situation Cacao DecoMorreno added to the portal another book, “Chocolate temptation” (in description of the book you can read that “chocolate temptation says about difficult interracial relationships […] Some of the descriptions are too realistic for me, but well, this is the style of DecoMorreno. Does true love win with stereotypes? Or maybe chocolate temptation will be only temporary fascination?”). After this post portal “Lubimyczytac” (“We like to read”) was overloaded. In fact, chocolate temptation is a cake.


Brand DecoMorreno turned one joke into well-planned and huge action. They organized competition on the best plot of the book “The best quality” on their fanpage and later they created an e-book with the best answers. They made descriptions of their other products as if they were books. In cooperation with portal “Lubimyczytac” (“We like to read”) they published interview with author DecoMorreno and they allowed people to ask him questions about his books. At the supermarkets and shops Cacao DecoMorenno appeared with description BESTSELLER! Pocket version! They even prepared a movie showing how to make an overlap from the box of Cacao DecoMorenno.

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”m9O42qdgQ5U”]

Action was so successful that other brands copied this idea and promoted their products as books too.


Now it is hard to say if the first post was only a joke or the beginning of well-planned action. But the campaign itself was realized in a really great way – using different digital media, with a sense of humor, storytelling and involving many people.