Post-TC Press Release

Post-TC Press Release

Post-TC Press Release 150 150 Active Youth Association

About the project

Erasmus+ training course “More than Money: Social Entrepreneurship Heroes” took place in Kaunas from the 17th to the 25th of October, 2014. 24 youth workers from Lithuania, Spain, Italy, UK, Romania and Turkey were involved in a variety of non-formal education activities and discussions.

The training course has focused onto social entrepreneurship and the possibilities behind it. It aimed to (1) teach youth workers the essentials of social entrepreneurship and the non-formal education (NFE) methods to share this knowledge; (2) discuss ways how to coach unemployed youth to create their own social enterprises and the key skills needed for that; and (3) generate fresh ideas of social businesses. At the same time the project intended to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship amongst the general public. In the long run this is expected to ensure a positive impact on both youth unemployment and the resultant problems throughout the participating countries. The project also aims to help the participants grow professionally, keep them active, involve them in multi-cultural discussions, develop a number of skills and competences and create new partnerships across Europe. All of this was done through (1) group exercises, games, quizzes, simulation activities and interactive workshops; (2) country presentations on social entrepreneurship; (3) various art-related activities (poster, photo-wall making, etc.); (4) outdoor activities (e.g. paper clip challenge); (5) special video afternoons; (6) public activities (e.g. video shooting in the city centre), and many more.

Guests & activities

We have been also visited by a number of guests, as well as visited and consulted Animal Welfare Association ourselves. Representatives of the Success School (Nerijus Buivydas), Vilnius HUB (Mindaugas Danys) and Impact Destinations (Karolina Mazetyte) have shared their experience and involved all the participants to active discussions on the topic of social entrepreneurship. Thanks to their amazing effort, a lot has been learned about the topic.

Every evening each of the participating countries had their cultural evenings. During these the presenting team would show their country’s traditions, culture, music, dances as well as cuisine. It has helped everyone to develop much bigger mutual understanding and get the so needed cultural exchange. Not to mention, that the participants had a great deal of fun during these evenings.

The project has finished with a party in a special trolleybus and an awards night. Teams and individual participants were awarded for their positivity, cooperation, fun and more. Summing up the project activities, the training course was a great success in terms of both experience gained and information learned, as well as satisfaction of the participants. This can be perfectly seen from the testimonials that the participants have left, e.g. “It has been an amazing time in Kaunas”; “Awesome days in Kaunas, I’ve learned so much about Social Entrepreneurship”; “Guest speakers were really interesting”.

After TC

However, “More than Money: Social Entrepreneurship Heroes” still continues. This has been just the 1st action of the project, which will be followed by a youth exchange to be hosted in December. There, youth workers will have the possibility to put what they’ve learned into practice. In addition, various videos and other material produced by the project’s participants to promote social entrepreneurship will be continuously posted on the website of the project:, social media (, press and participating youth organisations’ websites. The material shared has already gathered a lot of attention, reached more than 10,000 young people, and will continue to make the youth across Europe more business-minded! Eventually, we will also publish an e-booklet outlined during the project, which will include information on how to both learn and teach social entrepreneurship.

Special thanks for making the project happen goes to: Erasmus+ programme, Domus Pacis guest house, all the participants, guests and all the others involved! Let’s create social enterprises in Europe together! #morethanprofit

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