Projektas (Training Course) Kaune (Spalio 18-25)

Projektas (Training Course) Kaune (Spalio 18-25)

Projektas (Training Course) Kaune (Spalio 18-25) 1032 388 Active Youth Association


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  • Pavadinimas: More than Money: Social Entrepreneurship Heroes;
  • Vieta: Kaunas;
  • Gyvenimas / kaina: Domus Pacis piligrimų namai Santakoje. Visas gyvenimo (įskaitant ir maitinimą) išlaidas apmoka Europos Sąjunga;
  • Dalyvaujančios šalys: Lietuva, Rumunija, Turkija, Ispanija, Italija, Jungtinė Karalystė;
  • Mainų trukmė: 8 dienos (2014 m. Spalio 18-25);
  • Dalyvių skaičius: 4 (nuo 18m.);


Trumpas aprašymas (anglų k.):

European societies are facing a range of social problems; yet, undoubtedly youth unemployment is one of the biggest issues of today. As a result of it, youth often gets socially excluded from the society and finds it difficult to actively participate in it. One of the ways to tackle these problems is social entrepreneurship. To promote this concept, a project “More than Money: Social Entrepreneurship Heroes” will be hosted in Lithuania. It will consist of two actions: youth workers mobility (17-26 October, 2014) and a youth exchange (5-15 December, 2014). The project is implemented by organizations from countries where youth unemployment and other social problems are especially acute (Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey, UK). In the 1st action there will be 24 youth workers involved (4 / country); while the 2nd action will have 36 participants (5 unemployed youngsters aged 18-30, 1 youth worker from the 1st action / country).

The main objectives of the project is to: (1) teach youth workers the essentials of social entrepreneurship and the non-formal education (NFE) methods to share this knowledge; (2) coach unemployed youth on how to create their own social enterprises and the key skills needed for that; (3) generate fresh ideas for social enterprises. At the same time the project intends to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship amongst the target groups and the general public. In the long run this would ensure a positive impact on both youth unemployment and the resultant problems throughout the participating countries. The project also aims to help the participants grow professionally, keep them active, involve them in multi-cultural discussions, develop a number of skills and competences and create new partnerships across Europe. It is expected that participants will as well get a chance to extend their networks by meeting potential investors, social entrepreneurs, etc. This would make them more competitive in the job market and help them in creating their own social enterprises.

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