Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance!

Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance!

Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance! 150 150 Active Youth Association

Press release:

[image align=”right” lightbox=”false”]http://tolerant-youth.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/erasmus+logo_mic.jpg[/image]Discrimination towards minorities has always been one of the key issues in Europe. People of different races, cultures, sexual orientations and religions are often enduring intolerance, which results in their exclusion from the society, as well as problems in the labour market. Even though the EU acts towards eliminating these wrongs, countries such as Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Croatia and Italy are still lacking behind.

In order to change this, six youth organisations from previously mentioned countries are organising a youth exchange “Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance” in Kaunas, Lithuania. All the partner organizations participating in the project believe that educating young people is the key to progress on these issues. Thus, 36 young people will gather together on September 6-14th to address these problems in the countries where they are especially acute. This project for youth will be organized with financial support from the European Commission’s programme Erasmus+.

During the nine days of the project they will share existing experiences of exclusion of minorities, discuss the ways on how to 1) facilitate their social integration, 2) defend human rights, 3) seek equal opportunities and 4) work towards the elimination of discrimination. The participants will also prepare videos and an e-booklet, as well as be involved in public activities, which will promote tolerance to everyone.

The participants have started working already even before the youth exchange. Apart from other things, they will have to present the situation in their country – the overall level of tolerance, discrimination against certain minorities and examples of good practices in order to stop that, which they are actively preparing for.

All the experiences of the participants, activities, resources of the project and everything else relevant will be published in the website of the youth exchange – http://tolerant-youth.org. Feel welcome to visit it now, suggest project activities, relevant topics and issues, problems persisting in your countries or even write an entry to the “Tolerance Blog”. Everything will be much appreciated![image align=”left” lightbox=”false”]http://tolerant-youth.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/logo_discr-copy1.jpg[/image]

If you want to help us in any way, contact us via info@activeyouth.lt. Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance Together!

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