Jaunimo Mainai Kaune (Rugs. 6-14)

Jaunimo Mainai Kaune (Rugs. 6-14)

Jaunimo Mainai Kaune (Rugs. 6-14) 150 150 Active Youth Association


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  • Vieta: Kaunas;
  • Web-puslapis: http://tolerant-youth.org
  • Gyvenimas / kaina: Domus Pacis piligrimų namai Santakoje. Visas gyvenimo (įskaitant ir maitinimą) išlaidas apmoka Europos Sąjunga;
  • Dalyvaujančios šalys: Lietuva, Rumunija, Turkija, Ispanija, Italija, Kroatija;
  • Mainų trukmė: 9 dienos (2014 m. Rugsėjo 6-14);
  • Dalyvių skaičius: 5 (amžius – 18-30) + 1 grupės lyderis (iš viso – 6); reikalingas lyčių balansas.


Trumpas aprašymas:

Discrimination towards minorities has always been one of the key issues in Europe. People of different races, cultures, sexual orientations and religions are often enduring intolerance, which results in their exclusion from the society, as well as problems in the labour market. Even though the EU acts towards eliminating these wrongs, countries such as Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Croatia and Italy are still lacking behind. Along with all the partner organizations participating in the project, we believe that educating young people is the key to progress on these issues. Thus, we are organising youth exchange, which would address the previously mentioned problems in the countries where they are especially acute.

Skaitykite plačiau [lightbox title=”.pdf info paketas” href=”https://activeyouth.lt/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/INFO-PACK-Let_s-turn-discr-into-tol-final.pdf” iframe=”true” width=”1024″ fitToView=”true”]ČIA »[/lightbox]

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