Mainai Turkijoje (Trabzon)

Mainai Turkijoje (Trabzon)

Mainai Turkijoje (Trabzon) 150 150 Active Youth Association

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  • Dalyvių skaičius: ieškomi 8 dalyviai (18-30 metų) iš Lietuvos;
  • Vieta ir data: Turkija, Trabzonas 25 Rugpjūčio – 7 Rugsėjo;
  • Gyvenimas, maitinimas ir kita visiškai kompensuojama ES! Taip pat apmokama 270 eurų transporto išlaidų;
  • Projekto pavadinimas: Show Your Mercy to Woman!;
  • Kartu dalyvaujančios šalys: Olandija, Rumunija bei Turkija.
  • Paskutinė data užsirašyti: iki Rugpjūčio 1d. Užsirašyk »

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Organizatorių aprašymas:

The subject of the project, „Show Your Mercy to Woman‟ is our women who play an important role in the growth of the society and still do not have required attention. With this project, we aim to draw attention to women‟s issues who are incapacitated of certain rights, subjected to violence and forced into marriage at an early age, to raise awareness in the community, and to find solutions to these problems. In this project, there will be 8 young European people including group leaders from Holland, Lithuania and Romania and 9 young European people including group leaders from Turkey. We will perform our project in Trabzon between the dates 25 August – 7 September 2014. During this period, the participants will have a broad knowledge about women‟s rights, produce ideas related to solutions of their problems, show empathy, convey acquired knowledge and generated ideas to other people and become more sensitive about these subject and similar matters. Thanks to lyric dance, pantomime, live statute show which are involved in this project, they will develop themselves and perhaps explore their existing talents, use their creativity, their self-confidence will increase and they will experience the pride of taking place in this project whose subject is an international matter. After this project, women have information about the rights they have, how to use these rights, how to contend with the violence they are exposed and how to put a stop to the marriage at an early age and they will realize that there are millions of women who face this problem. Because of our subject, we will achieve long-term results rather than short-term results with this project. Even after the project end, people continue to exchange information, draw attention to this subject, produce solutions to this matter and support this project and similar projects. Through this project, perhaps the life of hundreds of people will change and can say „stop‟.

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