Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine 960 496 Active Youth Association

Our association is in deep support for truce and end of killing in Kiev, Ukraine. The members of “Active youth” have been to Kiev themselves (see the picture) back in December and stood together with the Ukrainian people in Maidan. We think it is necessary that everyone should show their support for a democratic process in Ukraine. For this reason, we invite everyone to participate in the events for Ukraine taking place in your cities and countries. Let’s all stay united for the values of freedom and democracy. The least you can do, is to join this nice initiative on the social networks and take a picture with Ukrainian flag or simply share the news about the struggle of people in Kiev.

We also enclose a message to our association from an Ukrainian girl, living in Kiev:

Thank u for your support…nowdays activity in Kyiv is really the war for all ukrainian people….there are many death young boys and for us it is really tragedy…many family have lost their children…today i have been in maidan as volunteer and I have seen many boys that have lost their friends…it is very sadly…but now situation is clear…today police is with us…we have some good news about goverment…and I hope soon everything will be okey, and our country will be with yours in EU!

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